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With free HD satellite TV you enjoy entertaining through television dish network satellite channels following the basic installation instructions at The guidelines are clear and easy to install satellite channels.

You get HD satellite TV channels only if you have a high quality television (HDTV), with the abbreviated HD quality, which stands for high definition. However, the page is manly about installing the satellite channels.

This term is not used only for high definition TVs, but also for other displaying devices including high definItion videos, high definition cameras, high definition tables and many high definition audio devices. Since cameras are involved, then we should expect the term to go further to define pictures and other art genre, as we see in high definition wallpapers.

The last generation of television screens come all with HD through which you can see and use on your television. You see high quality channels on the screen. But, how to know the definition through which those channels get in?

In your television remote control unit, click on "Source" to see, or select the source of your recent television channel. You will see many HD there including HD1, HD2, HD SIDE, of course in addition to TV, EXT 1, EXT 2 (for photo camera, when you connect it to television) and VGA, or others for blu-ray and camera.

The free HD satellite started at Satellite TV Dish, Dish Network Satellite and other pages to configure your Dish Satellite TV equipments at the following pages:

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Continuing the Installation of Free HD Satellite!

As, you learned from the first installation page up to free HD satellite television channels, the well-explained process helps you know more about your device and teaches you even some technical steps to configure your equipments and get experienced with your free HD satellite television lessons.

This is a gesture of love from where you can get the favor by going carefully through the pages to get the steps one by one, until you can read them from your heart. KEEP WITH THE ESSENTIALS, though.

The Setting Values of Free HD Satellite TV!

To make sure that everything you did, or will do with your HD satellite TV installation is OK, you should read and know the correct setting value of the following listed parameters:

Each one of the headings in the list comes with the key-utility and the abbreviation of inclosure.

The Search Mode: Auto / Manual / Network.

  • The Sat: The satellite you select by the name of the specific satellite.
  • The SW: For the DiSEqc Switch Input Number, through which you press OK to choose the corresponding number.
  • The LNB F: For the LNB Frequency, through which you either select the predefined L.O Frequency by pressing OK and the LEFT / RIGHT buttons. You can also use it manually by pressing the Numeric buttons to enter a specific frequency in MHz unit.
  • The L.P: For the LNB Power, which depends on your antenna LNB. Supply LNB power by setting it "ON".
  • The 22K: For 22 KHz, depending on your antenna switch box or LNB, through which you can supply 22 KHz by setting "ON".
  • The 0/12: For 0/12 Voltage, depending on your antenna switch box, through which you can set it "ON" by up to 12 V.
  • The T.B: For Tone Burst, depending on your antenna switch box, through which you can select one of the "SA", "SB" and "OFF".
  • The S: For Search Scramble Channel, through which you see and adjust the ON/OFF. When the setting is "ON", all the channels, including the scrambled channels could be scanned.

The Automatic Free HD Satellite Channel Search!

When you complete your installation, you will automatically load the channel information of all transponders contained in a satellite through the automatic channel search.

The starting point is to press the UP / DOWN buttons to select the Channel Search in the Installation Menu and then press the OK button.

When the channel search window appears, use the UP / DOWN buttons to select the Satellite No. you want to find. Set LNB Power, L.O. Frequency, 22KHz, 0V/12V, Tone Burst and Scramble fields to the appropriate value using the OK button and the LEFT / RIGHT buttons to each field.

Press the Red (Auto) button to start the Automatic Channel Search. You will then see the progress with the status of channel search in the indicators at the bottom. Use the Menu button, whenever you want to stop the channel search.

Press the Menu and then the OK button to save the search result, when the television dish satellite system completes the Channel Search. Keep in mind that the automatic Channel Search takes few minutes.

When you save the search result, the existed grouping values will be returned to original value, which is the "Group All" position.

To save your choices you made at the last step, and read the displayed message about it, see the image above.

The Manual Free HD Satellite Channel Search!

Now, I will get further to the searches in the utilities of the free HD satellite TV infrastructure. It is infrastructure because it paves the way for the satellite traffic to get through your equipments.

The manual dish satellite television channel search is well and convenient to use to look for a specific transponder. It performs as the automatic channel search, as through it you get to search all of the channels broadcasts over a specific transponder through its predefined information.

If you did not find a transponder on the predefined transponder list, you can simply add it. Press the UP /DOWN buttons to select the Satellite TP No. you want to find and then press the OK button. Press the Green button for the manual channel search net to appear.

The manual free HD satellite channel search has some utilities as the following:

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