Dish TV Channels!

The dish TV channels provide the best unlimited and in demand free home entertainment just directly from the satellite of your choice to your saloon, or bedroom.

You'll feel like living out on the space with the satellites, watching their frequencies in moving pictures, some of which are fictional, while others are nonfictional, in addition to amazing animations and sounds.

Through those direct TV channels, which are collected by the dish satellite TV and the dish satellite TV receiver, you watch thousands of American, European and Middle East's broadcasting programs without having to pay a penny for the channels. You pay only one time for the equipments in the dish television package.

As you have learned from the dish television channel guide at the digital satellite TV page, the dish TV channels are produced, collected and organized through a systematic product in a box, you'll get more information to continue working with your equipments to get the direct dish TV channels.

Normally the satellite TV dish receiver box contain only the satellite direct TV receiver with its cables. So, you'll need to get the direct satellite TV dish, or the parabolic dish equipments to make those reflectors work through the connection with the receiver to get your choice of dish TV channels.

The satellite television dish, or the parabolic reflector is called sometimes just parabola, parabolic antenna, or satellite dish reflector.

It is mainly required to catch the direct TV satellite signals from the dish network satellite and direct the waves of the TV channels and radio stations through their specific frequencies to the satellite receiver and then the receiver shows them on the screen of your TV, or play the music of the radio stations.

Some knowledge about the parabola is useful. The term is Greek and the Arabs were the first to use the term without the last "a" in their language and thus began to experiment with the equipment sine the early days of the satellite invention.

It is a mirror-symmetrical curve with two dimensions to allow the influence of gravity to flow through the curve of the equipment to the center of the frequency receiver, which is the satellite receiver at you home. So, the fruit falls from the satellite station (not the tree) to the receiver (not the earth).

The first step you'll need to do, when getting the direct dish TV deals in the package is to work with the dish following the manual to build it with its parts in the package and fix the outdoor dish on an iron pole in a way to permit redirecting it to the correct elevation angle of the satellite and then fix it firm on the bar at the direction of your choice.

Note this: You get the angle of each satellite from the home page of the satellite, or by using a compass, or an angle director that uses the satellite navigation system GPS.

Also, keep in mind that you may not need to fix it on an iron pole, if you got a small dish with a plastic curved mount, or dish board to fix it even on the glass window of the room, of course if the room has an open space direction outdoors.

How to Adjust the Dish TV Channels?

The first thing you'll need to do to get free satellite TV channels is to choose the suitable position to fix the dish, as explained above. So, select a position with clear view in the direction of the satellite you want.

Trees, constructions and obstructions affect the reception of the signals. Fix the wall mount either on the wall, or the ground (use additional iron bar, or pole in this case). Mount the U-tube with the ends down and tighten it carefully.

Take the content of the dish package out of the box one by one and place the manual in front of you to use it and assemble the parts of the parabola correctly. You may need the following steps:

  1. Attach the elevation bracket to the back of the dish.
  2. Attach the smaller U-bolt with nuts.
  3. While tightening, leave a little movement in order to adjust later.
  4. Stick the two "mast U-bolt" with nuts.
  5. Bind the LNB arm in its place in the rear mount using the screw.
  6. Mount the LNB in the holder and slide the holder into the arm.

You need to use side-feed mount, if you have more than one LNB.

Just Before Streaming Satellite TV:

You should roughly adjust the elevation (tilt) angle correspondent with the setting of the satellite you want as the following rough approximation of elevation angle:

ASTRA 19.2° East, Eutelsat ll-F1 16° East, Eutelsat ll-F3 16° East, Hotbird 13° East, Intelsat 707, Sirius, Tele-X 5° East, Telecom 2B 5° West, Thor, TV SAT 1° West.

Working with the cable and connection, install the co-axial between the receiver and the dish. Mount the attached rubber boot to the cable. Be careful when you fit the F-connectors to either end of the cable and connect to the LNB and the receiver respectively to complete the assembly.

While adjusting the dish, as accurately as possible, use a compass to point at the direction of satellites you want to get the azimuth angle right. Connect the receiver and select a pre-programed channel transmitted for the satellite your are receiving.

Swing the parabola gently from side to side until you obtain a clear picture. Make sure that the channel received is the correct channel for the program position and it is from the correct satellite.

Adjust the dish to eliminate any noise. When this process is achieved tighten the screws carefully, so as not to lose adjusted signals and disturb the setting of the dish TV channels.

Continue at Satellite TV Channels. Complete the set of the satellite TV installation page by page to get the channels you want including free HD satellite channels. This way you watch satellite TV free.

Also, read Digital Cable TV Channels for information on the subject. For more instructions to work with other digital and video products, see this linked relevant page.

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