What's Interesting in CSI Miami?

The story of CSI Miami (Crime Scene Investigations in Miami) as a whole is very interesting in itself and it could be stretched with passion by adding more plots to it and then converting it to many seasons with many episodes.

It could also be expanded through the flashbacks, as each of the fastbacks has an inspirational story to expand it into some more episdeos.

Then the movie production crew could make a set of few shots (not more than three) as flashbacks scattered in the episodes to make it more enticing and produce more scenes.

It is better than making long scenes during the movie production, as flashbacks and presenting full-length scenes as flashbacks in some of the interesting episode.

This has happened in episode 801 in season 8, for example, when Eric Delko tried to save his dad and get him out of the mafia and Calleigh Duquesne saw him during the PD ambush and shot him.

TVCinemaApp.com - CSI Miami: Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), Detectives John Sully Sullivan (Brad Leland) and Horatio Caine (David Stephen Caruso).TVCinemaApp.com - CSI Miami: Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), Detectives John Sully Sullivan (Brad Leland) and Horatio Caine (David Stephen Caruso).

Eric This is a scene from the supposed to be the starting point of the TV series, and which comes later in the season 8 as a set of flashbacks.

It is the first for this, since all the story is about the criminal scene investigation lab, this scene has been the motive for Horatio Caine to think of establishing the new lab with his own team. What do you thin? Let’s know through the form at the end of the page.

I am observing this because it really makes some of the episodes silly, although the complete serial is interesting. Another fact is that each of the detectives has good backgrounds to plot further in the TV series and make interesting TV serials out of them.

Sometimes, the personal backgrounds of the serial crew is more interesting than the stories each of the series covers.

So, the backgrounds could be covered and easily converted into a full-length film, ready to produce many new episodes and seasons, by only adding a simple touch on each background with new plots to film it as a complete film and then divid it into some more seasons with many episodes.

In addition to this point, which you may think is marginal point, the main stories of the series collectively include some parts of the CSI story in Miami and before starting the CSI Lab in Miami.

But, the stories have been planned in a hurry in my opinion. It is possibly that the commercial intent of the serial has been more in the focus than the artistic part of the production. If they have been thought of wisely, CSI Miami would never end in ten seasons and the weak parts of the serial could be amended.

What’s real in such friendship relation is that it is not intended for personal interests and Eric Delko has helped the investigations before he has joined the team.

He hasn’t any idea of his qualifications, as a detective, until Horatio Caine pointed out that to him. What do you thing? Bring your views in the CSITV through the form below.

Why the CSI Miami Lab Launched in Miami?

The most important point to consider is why the Miami crime scene investigation lab has launched in Miami.

Well, this part could interesting more, if it was plotted wisely based on the quality differences between the detectives, the intelligence and the ability of creating new investigational methods to replace the old styled crime treatments.

The reasons of establishing the lab in Miami are understandable, when look at Miami as an environment of mixed population, a circle of people traffic and a center of migration (legally and illegally) from other American states, or native lands in the American surroundings.

Its location as one of the best travel destination for its beautiful sights, beautiful beaches and the labor market make it at the top of the worldwide travel destination. See the most wonderful American travel destinations at 100 beautiful sites in the world.

Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) had Good Dialogue When They Met the First Time. How Did Eric Try to Be Smart? Was He Really Smart and Know How Such Relations Go form The Start? Discuss Love Inspirational in Movies Through the Form at the Bottom of the Page.

So, Miami as an environment is so vulnerable to many kinds of crimes, which are not limited to smuggling drugs, or weapons and organizing some mafias and other armed groups to corrupt and endanger the lives in Miami.

With more than 5.5 million people in the entire Miami urban areas, and considering the great flow of migrants, it was so important for the interior affairs in Florida to operate many security units, beside the FBI.

It is also important for these units to cooperate (but not to infringe) with each other. In addition, they established many investigation labs in these units, as we understood from CSI Miami series and the other TV criminal investigation series we cover here.

How Did Calleigh Duquesne Impressed Horatio Caine? What was the Specific Point of Good Investigation She Made? Do You Think that Her Remarks have Encouraged Horatio to Think of Establishing the New Lab?

The Team Relations on CSI Miami!

The overall story of Miami Crime Scene Investigation highlights the way the detectives in the series work, while investigating in the crime scenes, collecting evidences and traceable data and analyzing this data at their lab to get more information and identifying the causes, the suspects and the overall criminal behaviors.

In addition, the overall story shows how the relations between the colleagues in that unit has started and developed to make the department work and develop in a modern way and most importantly it shows that the work relation itself has developed to friendship and even family and blood relations.

The human sense of such relations carries on from season to season and from episode to episode to make the team network in CSI Miami better and better, where everybody is concerned and determined to sacrifice for the others.

How did the efforts of Eric with the good points he made during the first crime impress Horatio? How did all of that become a career shifting opportunity for Eric? Answer these questions through the form and get some gifts.

Such team relation even opens a door for creativity to continue developing the series by producing more seasons based on the story of CSI itself and the relations of the team members.

This could be done by adding more background stories, so the CSI Miami could continue and please its fans more and more. That is in fact what is expected. If it was taken seriously enough (as cinema art, more than commercial interests), then the series could develop into more inspiring series and never stop.

The personal and work relations also extend in some episodes to collaborative network with other states in the US through the development of the trilogy in CSI, CSI Miami and CSI NY.

This collaboration could be extended creatively to foster personal relations across the other investigation units in the other states and be more interesting.

Her Presence, Remarks and Investigation Methods Become Important for Horatio Caine to Come with a Plan to Start the New Lab with a Team He Thought to Get with Him. Whom Did Horatio Include in His List to Work in the New Lab?

Missing Intelligence, Sometimes

The intelligentsia network has carefully been planned and laid out in the seasons of CSI Miami, despite the critical points I mentioned here.

It is only in some episodes, though the series film director, the writers, the scenarists and the film editor ignore the intelligence nature of the detectives by putting them in critical situations, where every audience even with average cleverness expects them to behave as intelligentsia, but they behave in stupidity.

That's not what is expected from them of course, unless those four movie professionals want the audience to be stupid, or want to complete the episode in a hurry, while rushing is so frustrating.

The commercial intent could also be the reason of such mistakes. But, we know commercial always destroy creativity and we know that even in the movie making the filmmaker should follow what we call the content production process and when she or he makes the content better.

TVCinemaApp.com - CSI Miami: Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) Trying to Make Out with Calleigh Duquesne, Emily Procter.

Interestingly, He Did that Too Late, After Having Duquesne Engaged in Relations with a Police Officer and an Agent and the Third Relation Failed Because She Discovered that He has Been Already Engaged.

Why Did She Shot Him? Use the Form at the Bottom to Answer this Question with the Story and get Some Gifts of Love.

The content itself is important to be in the focus during the production process, before commercials, Then after that the concentration on the commercials comes second.

Well, we know fudging the movie or the serials start at the beginning, even before the shooting of the film. But, it should stop at that stage and never interfere in the production.

The complete idea of the movie or the serial including the content should be the focus at the production stage.

We know of course commercials are important, but not during the film making. Commercials have a side plan in common to get the best returns on investment on the film, of course. But, they should not interfere in the movie production itself, when the story is developed to complete the film.

I'll point out the interference of the commercial intention and highlight each of the mentioned actions performed by the detectives, which reflect into stupidity that costs them much.

One of them has been shot in his head and was about to die. The head lieutenant of the CSI Miami reacted in stupid way that he was almost about to lose his life and another detective behaved wrong even when he knew very well that he will lose his job. There are so many examples to come through.

Just Before Starting CSI Miami

Before he started the CSI Miami Lab, Horatio Caine (portrayed by David Stephen Caruso) was working in an old investigation department of the police in Miami.

The department has many employees who work to make a living in the department and just couldn't think out of the box to make a difference in the police department.

They used old-style methods and they just did their jobs without having modern tools to help them in their investigations and even without having any appetite some times.

They acted just like the clerks, or other normal employees who want to do the 8hrs. job and get to their home, when the time is over.

But, luckily, Horatio has one young detective working with him called Jesse Cardoza (portrayed by Eddie Cibrian), who seems different from the others and has a good method to investigate crimes. Sgt. Rex Linn (portrayed by Frank Tripp) was also working there with Horatio and he was an old colleague.

Then the headquarters sent them Calleigh Duquesne (portrayed by Emily Procter) who entered the series from the first episode in the first season and proved that she is so different and she could develop the department into a very good investigation department with new investigation methods.

At the same time, while investigating the first crime in the series, discovered by a truck driver called Eric Delko (portrayed by Adam Rodriguez) while he was working as maintenance worker driving on his truck, Eric made many good notices about it and made his observation noted, so that has impressed Horatio Caine.

Well, there is more to CSI MIAMI, which will all come soon, or you may find it already here. But, before you go to the next page, please take the 3-second survey below and get some useful gifts.

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