Action Adventure!

The action adventure is not a genre of film and TV series.

From this point on you make your knowledge, dividing composition of things into pieces under your microscope, researching and studying the divisions and analyzing the pieces. You do the same when analyzing a film, as the movie is a component of technical and art-type of actions.

In the composition of action adventure, action (alone) is a movie genre, through which the casts engage in a series of challenges, which in turn require physical actions to meet those challenges, or to fight and produce violence in the scenes.

So, what's action-adventure?

What genre is adventure?

Why it is a different genre?

You catch the movie genre concept through the textual content (the scenario) and the moving pictures (the acting) that puts you ahead to understand this complicated issue.

We can in no way put this American-Australian movie under adventure-romance. Adventure? No. Romance? No. So, it is not adventure romance, but action-adventure.

Even in this movie category, it is only action movie, because there are many challenges and actions to meet these challenges.

And thus adventure is somewhat inevitable because the actions have happened during excursion and adventures underwater and underground.

Adventure (alone) is a film genre too. But, it doesn't necessarily involve action of violence, as required in the action movie genre.

So, when the word "adventure" join "action", it doesn't necessarily mean that we have a specific film genre called "action adventure". There is no such genre of movie.

So, adventure may somehow points to a genre of genre in the action movie genre, when it is connected with action.

The adventure, when connected with action, as you see from the lines above about the action adventure doesn't necessarily suggest an experiment one gets while taking a tour, or traveling to discover and enjoy some of the 100 beautiful sights in the world in such action adventure movies.

The adventures are in the actions taken during the action scenes of the movie.

The unusual, exciting and daring experience (adventure) is taken through actions.

When this experience is relative to action performed to challenge some circumstances and situations, it becomes action adventure.

But, when adventure stands alone, it doesn't suggest that. So, in this case it is a film genre reversal to the action genre, because the actions in such adventure are taken to explore some locations in the world.

Even here, when adventure becomes a film genre about traveling, it may somehow turn into documentaries, when it registers historical events, as you see in the documentary film genre.

When that happens, the adventure becomes totally documentary and thus belongs to the documentary film genre. It is no longer adventure.

It is also possible that the action to deed, escapade, exploit, feat and trial results in two different kinds of production, one is totally excursion, as it involves expedition, jaunt, journey, trip, or tour and the second is documents.

It is very important to know what determines a film genre. In the cinematic film theory the methods to determine the genre of film are based on the narrative elements, as the base of the film form structure. The narrative is also known as film narrative form.

Beyond the Definition of Action Adventure!

When the action is a move, it is however assisted by artistically, electronic and tech ELEMENTS to appear as action, or to convert it into action in the still pictures of the movie. The still pictures are usually used in technical elapsing motion.

Through such techniques the action requires many still pictures in a series, so when the pictures move sequently, the actions fix themselves in the frames.

You see dangers and deadly performed actions that you may even don't believe they are real. That is a fact. They are not. All of that is just an illusion.

This is what you have learned so far from the movie production and the theory and practice of the movie.

The actions taken in adventurous movies are also performed electronically to be carried out by electronic elements, such as robots, or mechanical creatures and mechanical humans.

The robots, as mechanical and virtual artificial agents use advanced electronic components transistors and sometimes a wireless connection between them and computers. To make them speak, they add the voice and other vocals to them.

The voices and vocals could be the actors or actresses' voices and vocals, or electronic voices and vocals.

The mechanical creatures and the mechanical humans may be as small as ants, bees and midgets, or large as abyss, blue whale, grievers and king kong.

But, through the same electronics, the very small ants, bees and fish could be reproduced to be giants. The relativity between small and big disappears always in such movies and the evolution becomes an object of production.

The tools used in the production of such action adventure movies take both relativity and evolution to their extent to diffuse the elements and then collect them to produce the effects intended to take place through the eye lens.

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