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Thinking about analyzing a film?

How to analyze a film?

Can anyone analyzes a movie?

Is analyzing a movie different from criticizing it?

My dad, journalist Khalid Osman answers these questions in the following article on the second section of the page, as he has been one of four editors in the art and cultural section of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan during the 80th and absolutely while he was so young, attractive and smart.

He still is;-)

He wrote, done many reportages, and interviews covering the art and literary activities during that time and analyzed some films. The interesting one among those activities is the Week of the Soviet Cinema, which was run on the Commerce and Trade Hall in the capital city of Kuwait.

He interviewed the first Soviet cinema star Vera Alentova and the producer whom he has forgotten his name and wrote it wrong at the journalistic experiences on “My Journalism Experiences”. He got into tears while watching “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”, the winner film of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1980.   

So, what he has written about the film, which was produced on 1979 by MosFilm has been effected by both emotions and film realities, as he said.

He also criticized during his coverages many of the written literary works and many of the exhibited artworks, inspired by his collective cultural readings of such topics.

He writes here a brief on analyzing a film.


The Ghost Writer, starring Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, Timothy Hutton and Kim Cattrall. This is a wonderful film touching some political issues. Is it an Action Adventure genre of film? What do you think about it? Get your thoughts on the movie through the form below. Thanks.

When "Analyzing A Film" Begins?

Analyzing a film begins immediately after the production of the film, when concerned journalists watch the film on a special presentation day, or during the film first presentation in a cinema.

In the first occasion they write about the movie introducing it to public and then follow that by some sort of analyzing to the film, which we call film critique.

However, during the shooting of scenes, the film crew also analyze the movie they are making to do some adjustments. But, the film analyzing here is more connected to the perfection of the movie, rather than being real film analyzing meant to criticize the movie. There is not any difference between analyzing a film and criticizing a film in this case.

Other interested journalists who are especially working in the art and cultural sections of newspapers and magazines criticize the film, when the film entices, or inspires them to write about it. But, the process of analyzing the film could start earlier. Read more to know when the film analyzing starts and how to analyze a film.

Analyzing a movie begins immediately as a press job after the completion of the movie production, when the filmmaker, the director, or the producer of the film invites the press to cover the film in their media.

The filmmakers provide the cultural and literary media staff by the film stuff, which includes some information about the efforts made to produce the film, the budget and the funding and other features of the film, so they could write some press releases about the finished film.

Sea view from John Stockwell's Into the Blue, an American action movie directed by John Stockwell. So, it is not a thriller movie (Horror Film), as some sources define for the film genre. What do you think about it? Bring your views on the film and do some movie analyzing via the form below. Thanks.

Sometimes, however, the film distributers and the exhibition halls, or even the funding sources invite journalists to speak about the film, or to exhibit the film for them only to watch it and then write about it in some terms to bring the audience in.

Analyzing a film starts also when some cultural authorities prepare some movie festivals by names, such as the week of the Soviet cinema, I invited to and attended during the earliest 1980s. I hope that I find the scripts I have written during that time to publish them here.

But, film analyzing for other journalists starts later, when they enjoy their times watching films in the cinema halls, or on their TV channels, or on videos they bought. So, analyzing a film never stops. It continues, as long as the cinema and other media exist.

Interestingly, even during the film production, inspiring, focusing and good film management require at the same time some movie analyzing inside the studios,

That happens, or should happen, when some sequences of the film are finished and then one of the producers, or the film directors see that there's something missing in that specific sequence of the film, or there is something erupting the follow of the actions, so they could decide upon how to improve it.

This is called film technical analyzing.

The casts may involve in this process to provide good views and then suggest what to do to make the item in focus better.

An American action movie directed by Jan De Bont. It is a real speed movie catching actions in real time speed events. Is it a Western Film genre of film? Illumined by the movie, or entertained? Let us know through the form below to define the borders between illumination and entertainment. Thanks.

What to look for when analyzing a film?

Film analyzing is just similar to any other analyzing to any other work of art, cultural, or literary nature. But, the analyzed features could vary among these sequences of arts.

In a movie you would look for many phases of the flicks to accumulate analyzing a film.

The first phase to look inside it, is the production method to figure out the following:

  • How the film producer produced the film?
  • Are there any combinations between the given movie and other movies the producer has achieved?
  • What is the combination?
  • What are the technics used in the film (including the movie effects)?
  • Has the producer succeeded, or failed?
  • Were the actions good, or bad?
  • Why they were so?

Well, some cinema critics took this analyzing phase later, after reviewing the movie. But, to me it is the starting point.

In which genre could you put the movie, A Walk in the Clouds? To me, it is a kinda romantic. What about you? Let me know at the form below. Thanks.

The Second Phase of Analyzing A Film!

Then analyzing a film gets into the second phase, which is the over whole story, or the theme of the film to deepen your film critique finding answers to the following questions:

  • What is it about?
  • How did it take the events, the actions, the reactions and every thing else in the story?
  • Are they taken correctly to achieve the scripted plot?
  • Was the story from a book, a novel, or just an idea presented to the filmmaker?

Then other interior elements to analyzing a film… such as:

  • How the scripted theme develops?
  • Was the scenario good, or bad?
  • Why was it so?

In between the phases, while analyzing a movie, you may look for external analyzing elements such as:

  • What was written about the first and second phases of the movie in the media?
  • Is there anything controversial, or missing?

You would of course add many values analyzing a film from the other point of views.

When writing and analyzing a movie, put at the top of your script the necessary details about the film, the year of production, the short information of the filmmakers and the stars.

Pictures add more values when analyzing a movie. So, provide good shots of the movie and layout the images where it is prober inside your review and write captions describing the photos.

Is there anything else to analyzing a film?

Let me in the know.

Article by Khalid Osman

The movie starred also by Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short and Mos Def. It is so catching. Is it a Documentary Film, or a Musical Film? What do you feel when watching it? Write your feelings in the form below. Thanks.

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