Streaming Satellite TV!

How to enjoy entertainment by streaming satellite TV programs, building lists of favorites and editing your favorite channels?

The Satellite TV Installation process itself is entertaining and the manual associated with it works with any sat to stream Direct Satellite TV programs. Best of all you have the manuals here and on the connected pages.

There are many guides that help streaming satellite television programs online. But, this guide here is different, as the streaming process for TV channels depends primarily on the first settings.

You don't have to stream Satellite TV Channels online. You have to do that through the equipments of your Dish Satellite TV and execute the settings as explained at DigItal Satellite TV and Direct TV Channels.

You could do it yourself carrying with installation guidance to stream satellite TV during the installation process and follow that with the guidance provided on Streaming Satellite TV to watch Free HD Satellite TV.

So, you will need to read those pages and follow them to the Dish TV Channels to setup your dish TV and then carry on streaming satellite television. You may need to get online, though one time when you want to get the frequencies of the satellites you want to use with your dish TV equipments during the setting process.

But, this is not necessary, as long as you have all of the Dish Network Satellite equipments with manuals included. The manuals with the signals elements in the equipments help you get the frequencies while redirecting your dish to the satellites of your choice.

Streaming Satellite TV Via Program Channels!

The process to streaming satellite television continues from the Free Satellite TV linked above to do that through channels you organize on your channel list.

The Direct TV Satellite streaming process include also satellite HD TV channels and radio stations. This is of course if your TV have the HD included in the TV definition. The high definition TV or HDTV is better than the standard definition of television.

With such high quality Satellite Direct TV and high quality Satellite TV Dish equipments and apparatus of parabolas and dishes you don't need any streaming satellite TV subscription.

So, you'll Watch Satellite TV free with as many TV channels and never pay for them, as long as you have the equipments. This will totally replace your classic Digital Cable TV.

The Channel List!

The menu, as you have learned at Free Satellite TV holds the channel list, program guide, setup, installation, common interface and utility. You will use this to carry on with the process of streaming satellite TV.

Now going further with each utility in the main menu, at the Channel List you'll find the Channel List itself holding the Channel Information, Channel Sorting and Cannel Editing. Going through these units, you will get into streaming satellite TV through channels you organize at the channel lists.

When you select the Channel List in the Main Menu, it will show red, green and yellow colored buttons that respond to each function on it. The red button is for all channel lists. The green button is for channel information. The red button is for channel editing.

You'll get through this function the information of channel name, channel number and scrambled channel. Notice that the channel number is marked red. Through this menu you can watch the channel you want to watch from the channels you have installed and configured while streaming the satellite TV.

You construct the channel list using the channel configuration you have done to streaming satellite TV for each satellite, TV, or satellite radio station. When you want to watch a specific channel from your dish TV channels, select it by pressing the UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT buttons. Then press the OK button on your remote control unit. Alternatively, you can press the PAGEUP / PAGEDN buttons.

The Channel Information!

Through this channel you watch in details the information of any a specific channel streamed while you were getting through the first streaming satellite TV process. To see the detailed information of a specific channel do the following:

  • Press the green button for the channel information to display on screen information window.
  • Press UP / DOWN buttons to select the channel you want for the detailed information on the information display window at the right.

You will see Favorite Channel, Category, Sound, Satellite, TTX, PID (Video, Audio and RCR) in addiction to the Scrambling symbol. The Teletext, Scrambling symbol and Subtitle will automatically display when the broadcasting station provides the appropriate information.

The Channel Editing!

Channel editing helps streaming satellite TV channels in your lists. Through this function, you can edit channels on many channel lists you have streamed during the streaming satellite TV process.

The citing here within the process includes changing the name of the channel, constructing favorite channel list, deleting a channel, locking a channel, moving a channel to another position and selecting category.

The function appears in the following keys:

  1. 1234: for Favorite (F1 - F4).
  2. CAT: for Category, or Genre.
  3. D: for Delete.
  4. L: for Lock.
  5. M: for Move.
  6. R: for Rename.

So, carrying with streaming satellite TV, you will do the following:

  • If you wanted to display Channel Editing with the whole channel lists, press the bellow button.
  • If you wanted to move the cursor, move LEFT / RIGHT.
  • Press OK button to check the position you want.
  • Press the Menu button to exit and save the data when done.

Deleting Channels!

Deleting channels keeps your streamed TV channels clean. You can do this here at this section in different ways as the following:

  • Either use the UP /DOWN / DOUBLE arrows, or the Numeric buttons 0-9 to select the channel you want to delete from the channel list.
  • You can then use the LEFT / RIGHT buttons to move the Delete position in D and press the OK button.
  • When you press the Menu button, it will display the message: "Please press OK" at the center of the screen, so press the OK button to save and press the EXIT button to exit the menu.

This will delete the channel you have streamed previously during the streaming satellite TV process.

The Channels Lock!

To lock channels, you will enter your PIN Code to execute the required modification. You'll see the channels you locked previously, if you have done that before in this mode.

If you wanted to watch a program you have locked in this mode, you must enter your PIN Code following a request on the message that appears at this process. You'll again:

  • Use the UP /DOWN / DOUBLE arrows, or the Numeric buttons 0-9 to select the channel you want to lock from the channel list, as you did at the delete channel process.
  • Again, use the LEFT / RIGHT buttons to move the Lock position in L and press the OK button.
  • Press the Menu button to display the message: "Please press OK" at the center of the screen.
  • Then press the OK button to save and the Exit button to exit the menu.

Note that for the Channel Lock to work, you must switch the Parental Lock to the ON position. Keep in mind that when the Parental Lock is set OFF, even though the LOCK is set, anyone can watch the Parental Lock channel.

Editing Favorite Channels!

You will use this function to edit the Favorite channels you have streamed before during the streaming satellite TV process. This facilitates finding the channels of your interests in the Channel List.

Choose the Dish TV Channels, or the Radio channels alternatively by pressing the TV / RADIO button on the remote control unit and follow with the underlaying process.

  • Use the UP /DOWN / DOUBLE arrows, or the Numeric buttons 0-9 to select the channel you want to add to the favorite channel list from all channel list.
  • Use the LEFT / RIGHT buttons to move the F1, F2, F3, F4 position and then press the OK button. Keep in mind that you have to make sections on the Favorite Channel List from F1 to F4. So, one channel would have multiple selection in this form.
  • Press the Menu button to display the message: "Please press OK" at the center of the screen. 
  • Press the OK button to save and the Exit button to exit this menu.

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