Western Film!

The Western Film is a stand alone genre of film. When this genre of movies started in the first decade of the nineteenth century, it was limited to a type of movies produced in America during that time.

The type of films produced in America that time are called at the same time the cowboy films. So, this film genre refers only to these movies, which are produced to feature the life of cowboys with fictional action adventures.

However, they may also feature realities in the cowboy's life in some type of documentaries by taking the most effective and inspiring cowboy of that time, where most of the so called far west places are the cowboys places.

So, the cowboys were produced also to respond to life realities in the American societies, which are composed of Native Americans and new settlers or cowboys in the American west.

Now, here are two elements to focus on. The first is this type of Western film, as a film genre and the second is the cowboy movies, as fictional, or a type of a documentary film.

Let us start with the second, as cowboy movies of fictional type. The cowboy movies started with the wrong themes in focus. This is one thing to note.

The Cowboys as Western Films!

The cowboys films feature the cruelty of the first residents in America, who are pure Natives called at that time Red Indians and Apaches. They were conquered by the European settlers during decades of bloody battles and the last generation of them has withdrawn to New Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

They met the cruelty of the new settlers with cruelty. The natural reaction has been taken on these type of Western films to indicate that the Natives were cruel, while the settlers were just trying to bring civilisation to this society. This is the wrong theme in focus on these types of Western films.

The new world, as it is called since that time has been created by burning the lands of the Natives with its original people to bring the so called civilisation, which is absolutely not justifiable.

After decades of rebuilding, though, the settlers have succeeded to establish the new world with a racial orientation which indicates what has happened after that during the civil rights movement. So, the Western film has turned from the cowboy type of Western films to modern type of Western movies about racism and equality.

So, the cowboys films are known as western films since the first decades the cinema and the movie production launched in 1910 in North America.

Some sources say it was launched since 1836. This could mean that the type of this Western film has started before 1910, which brings a discussion regarding this issue, you could involve in through the form to make this point accurate.

But, the term western in general is not only a genre of cinema movies, it is also a genre of other works of literary and art nature. In addition, the development of such genre carried on to bring new types of Western movies, which are not cowboys.

In general, in other parts of the world every film produced in America and Europe (in that part which has been western Europe) is a type of western film. But, this type of films in such specification, which is some how broad, consists of many other genres, as we could see, when we look at the themes of the movies.

The Themes of the Fist Western Films!

Following the origin of the Western film, it is clear that most of the movies are based on the confrontation between the Natives from one side and the new settlers from the other side.

The scenes show the settlers invading the Natives lands, becoming cowboys and confiscating their properties and building the new settlements of the Capital to grow and spread to other parts of the new world. See beautiful Chicago City.

But, they also feature soldiers (not cowboys) invading the Natives, as they show cowboys fighting each other, or becoming sherifs to hunt other cowboys, or becoming out of order.

Focused on the wild west adventures and the native life with the complete folklore and inheritance, the movies portrayed the bloodshed of both the new settlers from a side and the natives from the other side while defending their indigence lives and featured the stories in narratives, music and songs and actions.

Some of the movies delightfully featured the indigence lives of the first population in America praised them heartily and celebrated the integrity of the native Americans in their tribes, while some other Western films have taken the wrong pass to feature such stories.

The cruelty, for example was not a natural habit of the natives, neither it is the natural habit of many of the new settlers, as we could see the simplicity of the relations they wanted to build with the natives.

But, the invaders have done it badly to control the lands and invest on them to build their own new societies on the destructed and burned lands of the natives.

So, they feature the natives in the Western films as Red Indians who love the killings and the blood and worked out the reasons to give us the impression that they were barbarians, which is not true, if we considered the cruelty of the new invaders in that society.

Biased businessmen have started the Western film production to feature the central theme, which is the conflict between natives and new settlers. They did that to impose this picture, which is wrong, and to demonstrate that the natives were just cruel as they don't have ethics in their societies, but only the killings as a way of existence, even between their tribes.

The simplicity of the natives life was ignored and the colorful inheritance of ethics and customs and the values of being warriors to defend themselves were featured badly in such Western films to help preserving what those businessmen want while building their own business empires on the lands of the natives.

The term "outside civilization" is invented and badly exploited to trap the Indian Americans, meanwhile the transport infrastructure has been laid out to replace the horses, canoes and old wheel and horses wagons and thus many of the indigence cultures, which were treated as savage were conquered.

So, the Western film stands according to David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson on the basics of "racist stereotypes of Native Americans and Hispanic".

This is actually the norm through which the Western movie was developed starting from "The Last of the Mohicans" in 1920. But, the natives take the tragedy still in their art performance. Watch this video.

The Song of the Last of the Mohicans!

In this direction the two authors has the insight that the Western film genre "was not wholly optimistic about taming the wilderness. The hero's eventual commitment to civilization's values was often tinged with regret for his loss of freedom."

However, nowadays the past is forgotten, the native cultures began to be treated well, as we see in some of the 1970s Western films and new values have risen for the sake of the integrity of the new society in the American continent.

The Western film continues to carry on the styling of modern Western movies with film narrative form and thematic innovations to feature the new societies in the American continent moving forward to the modern life of Americans.

Article by - Khalid Osman

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