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A documentary film normally takes one historical topic to spotlight it, or to present it through a movie production with some other extra production works.

This has happened from the day this genre of film started in cinema movies and on TV films. The TV films, however, are different. That means the production also varies between the cinema and the TVs.

A traditional documentary is done through the archives of a given press, or radio station, or television channel. The main source of information for the traditional documentary was the archives.

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This is why when say documentary, which implies something from the past has its source already in the archives and thus when we say something is documentary we mean it is archival.

So, archival is one of the synonyms of documentary, as well as chronicled, recorded, registered and charted and tabulated in writing.

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Inside-view of Documentary Film!

But, then afterwards documentaries began to take many directions following the development of the equipments used in the cinema including the techniques of the moving pictures, to document not only historical events, but also contemporary events and even most recently occurred events, as far as of this week for example.

So, the documentary theory by such new practices has been shifted from its first job and the indication that the term documentary implies.

Just when you say documentary, you mean something which has happened in the past and presented on films, or any other media.

In every aspect of life there is a documentary film, as we see through many varieties of TV channels.

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Big broadcasting companies like the ABC, Animal Planet, Arte, the BBC, the CNN, Discovery, History, MTV, National Geography and Travel have inclusive documentary films through which we learn more about life.

There are even documentary movies on food and drinks, not only art, biologies, history, literature, music, politics, science and sport.

Documentary has a combined broadcasting, filming and journalistic methods.The journalistic methods include interviewing, reporting and shooting still pictures.

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In the documentary movie, although the complete work depend on field investigation of something, but it also has journalistic methods.

A documentary movie producer could use these methods in real time through the investigations, or do them later during the film production by adding elements to the film.

But, he could also use them to bring life to archived materials he wants to use in a documentary film.

How many movies of such genre have you watched? What is the most interesting movie? You know what to do with these questions.

As many of the steps to do documentaries are actually done on the fields of the subjects, there are many steps to be carried in the studio to do the montage, add frames, cut and paste the elements in order and assemble the production.

As a documentary film producer uses records and pictures from the archives, he also uses onscreen interviews with characters who know about the subject matter, or have lived the events and the situations.

This is not the only journalistic method he does. But, he could also get out by himself, or use a freelancer, or send a journalist to do reporting with a cameraman from the direct location of the subject matter.

In my opinion, such genre of film is only inspirational, when it is about real life-stories and some changes to natural life and habitats. What do you think?

A Documentary Film as A Complete Film of Another Genre!

There is a question here, though. Is this the only type of documentary movie we know about?

Of course not, as from the day documentaries have shifted in films, the shift has also undergone by some inspired film directors to produce movies as documentaries.

That means, a producer could follow the life of someone to produce documentaries through moving pictures as movies, just like any other movies that could be of some other film genres.

The same thing goes to The American President, Frost Nixon movie, The Ghost Writer, JFK and Nixon, as to assign them to the documentary film genre, or to other genres.

However, there is a measure to depend on here when classifying a film. We should look to the criteria of the film and see what the most scenes are about.

We look at the film narrative form in this matter because it also has the answer, as from the film form we could categorize the film into its specific genre.

If the narration includes fictional and other elements that separate the film from being a documentary, then we look at the most expressions the narration has in common to decide the genre of the film.

If the narration includes only solid facts and controversial issues we conclude to that it is a documentary film.

A Documentary Film In Its Typical Nature!

This type of film presents the factual events in the time span, where they were happened and all the circumstances of these events at that time.

It sometimes moves forward to read them from contemporary point of views, as we see on many documentary movies about some African events, the changes in the Eastern Block and the civil war in Yugoslavia, which was the direct result of the big collapse of the Eastern Block.

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