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About us is only the story about how I got the idea of this website. I feel I am happy because I am publishing the TVCinemaApp website for your pleasure and mine too.

I love it with its textual and theme and the good design and animation. I am not a designer at all. So, if you liked it with its amazing design, share it with your socials. I really appreciate it and when you do, get this gift: The Rising of the Phoenix Picture Book. Right mouse click to download the PDF file.

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Back to “about us” and the website, it makes my passion about something I enjoy everyday and I study at the same time. But, thank to my dad who gave me the idea to build it and devoted some of his time to write some articles for the site.

I built it the first time as I Watch Best TV and then while I carried some projects using Apple tools, I thought of shifting it to TVCinemaApp, as my dad said.

That is mainly, because it is an app factually (just see it through your smart phone, of tablet). My dad has come with the new name of the website. But, the app project is somewhat developing at this moment, although the website is complete.

The inspiration here, which you can get form "about us" is to get always in strong connection with your dad, because he was burned through days and nights you may not know about to bring you to where you are.

I am inspired by my dad. I know that many girls out there love their dads and many of them are inspired by their dads. You know so many of us have good dads who sacrifice their lives to build them good future as humans first and as intellectuals secondly.

But, my dad has sacrificed so much for more than 30 years to make me what I am, the other SYMBOL of his humanity, but somehow different from him. He thinks that he belongs to the world, as he has not something we can call a homeland. Yes, everybody has a homeland. But, not my dad and of course I am.

This might be the interesting part about us.

Flashing Back About Us…

We had a homeland and it was a very beautiful land with its capital resides between the confluence of two great rivers that make the long river in the world.

But, one day, while our beautiful and peaceful people were enjoying their time one night and breathing the freshness of the pure nature among the greenery at the confluence of the two rivers, the moon turned on fully to make the scene mesmeric and influential. Read more at Kordofan.

At that specific moment the werewolves emerged from between the greenery to feed on many people while the other fled to other parts of the world. My dad was among them and he has not any power to do something about the tragedy more than to weep in his poetry, for every Eve who lost her dad, son and husband in the attack of the werewolves.

That way he sings for me too. That homeland has changed and spilt into parts.

So, the well known land by its name before the attack of the werewolves with its intact borders and million square miles doesn't exist anymore. To read more about it get into the HOA PoliticalScene.

And here we came to the symbol of writing and publishing TVCinemaApp.com. The events in that land are only comparable by what happens in the cinema. They all seem as fictional, not factual although they are very real and tragical.

The unseen thread behind the events that follows is not the plot of the tragical story, but, it is the reality of the actual phobia everybody wears in a tragical way.

This is something very cinematic. But, it is far away from being a Hollywood movie… maybe because there's not any interest on it, or it's just unknown worldwide.

Are you a filmmaker?

You could produce the most interesting and successful film from the story of the waste land I mentioned on about us. My dad could give good ideas of such cinema project.

It could also be a theatre project. So, if you are interested, get your message through the form below.

The cinema makes one of my interests and my dad interests, as well. As, we can sometimes escape realities and tragicomical events in the real life to watch them on the screens, or the TV channels, so the entertainment part of what we see could resolve the real life drama.

So, form the TV watching experiences and the cinema screen experiences the TVCinemaApp.com was born to explore this world more and better and to make you enjoy good information about the cinema and maybe get some of the best TV movies, series and shows.

Thanks to the power behind this opinion that empowers TVCinemaApp.com.

I want to say thank you for reading this page about us. It is not intended for anything rather than to explain how this website was born.

If you want to read more about the topic of the website link to the pages at the navigation bar at the left of this column, down below.

If you feel that you want to contact me for anything about this website, use the form below. Please always consider to be practical and write about what you want exactly, so as not to waste your time and ours.

This is a contact us only form. Don't use this form to write about the cinema, TV, or other media. Use the forms on the other pages, or the second form below the contact us form to do so.

However, you can use the contact us form to request a link here, provided that you have placed a link to my site on your family friendly website and provided the address of the page, you have placed TVCinemaApp.com link on it at the bottom of your site description.

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