The Movie!

The movie is the move. The move happens when somebody acts. So, it is an act.

The act leads to actions that I could define into custom actions and responding actions. In my humble opinion, this is what makes the FLICKS, of course… when the actions are played from stories on the scripts and thoroughly to the tapes.

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The two Hollywood stars are great on many movies they acted separately. Did they do good together in this movie? What are the best movies you watched starring by each of them?

Of course, there are some movies you haven’t watched, yet. You can watch these movies and other thousands of movies free, when you install satellite direct TV channels following the satellite TV installation guidelines to help you streaming satellite TV channels, so you can watch satellite TV channels.

But, the scripts should be prepared first, whereas the narrator manages the film narrative form, the scenarist handles the story scripting in dialogue, the film editor edits the running scripts and the film director puts them into film forms and instruct and manage the entire movie production.

Speed is also starred Dennis Hopper, Joe Morton and Jeff Daniels. What genre of a movie is this? Is it one of Bollywood Movies?

Keanu Reeves has also played on other film genre, such as A Walk in The Cloud, which is a type of poetical movies.

Sandra Bullock, in turn has played some other funny movies. Has she played on an Animated Film? Can you watch her movies on any Free HD Satellite channels?

When the actions are taken into pictures and the pictures produced as motion pictures, they become a movie… just movie in general. It is until these actions are planned and fulfilled through different methodological and technical steps, some of which are mentioned above, the movie takes its type according to the subject and the theme of the actions.

The story, or the actions, or even (recently) the used technologies determine the film genre. This is what makes the movie described as action movie, in general too.

I said, in general, because the action movies could belong to many other movie genres, meaning that the action movies have also specific descriptions that specify their types further to put them into this, or that genre during the film production.

Chicago has its Black spirit, from where the Black struggle has become a symbol and thus the city wears that symbol, or it should wear it as long as it exist.

Do, you know of any other movies screened on Chicago? What is the best of these movies? How would you explain the best of it?

Do you (personally) had a relation, or inspiration from Cadillac Records? Could you detail it? What did you like in this movie on the picture?

It is a type of a musical film with some stories from the past. So, could you put it into the documentaries genre of movie? Can you watch musicals free on any cable internet TV

The movements and the acts in the cinema began silent first. So, the cinema is called the silent cinema that time, before the beginning of the twentieth century. Then the development took place after 1925 to present the talking cinema through film narration and scenario.

However, some other sources say something different regarding the starting date of the "talking cinema".

"Thomas Alva Edison started it in 1887 making photograph perfect and supplementing sound image using other device to present visual images alongside sound images including the phonograph, which brought cinema into being". The source is Paul Rotha, The Film Till Now, Page 67.

The Fast and The Furious is the first in a series of movies started on 2001 featuring the gangsters of the illegal street racing, which is associated with drugs and truck theft. What type of movie is this? Is it one of the action TV shows?

Vin Diesel has played many tough roles in some movies. However, in the Pacifier, as an example he played a role to protect kids from the enemies of their father. Did you watch him in any calm movie? What are the best movies he played? Can you watch these movies on any satellite TV dish?

This contradicts the sources that say the history of the movie began in the 1890s.

The development of the movie is done by three methods, which are scientific, commercial and aesthetic  methods. After that it goes through production, distribution and exhibition.

The exposure of the movie, however, depends on the movie advertising, whether it is direct, or indirect movie advertising done through interviews, reportages, other coverages and reviews.

Few books were published on cinema before the beginning of the twentieth century. Later on, the books about cinema increased to cover every aspect of the cinema industry.

Among those sources is "The Film Till Now", which is a survey of world cinema by Paul Rotha, from which I provided the quote above. The survey was revised and published again with additional section by Richard Griffith who wrote part three about the movie since then.

In addition to the brief role he played in CSI NY, Cody Longo has played on other types of musical film, such as Hollywood Heights, as the main character.

Did you watch him playing in any different film genre? What are the titles of the movies? Which is the best? Can you watch these movies free on dish network satellite TV?

How many CSI TV series are there? Is CSI Miami the best of them? Is there any series de TV called Prior CSI Miami?

The author began writing this book when most of the British studios were closed in 1929 as a result of the revolutionary development in Hollywood through which the capital city of the world cinemas started the sound movie industry.

The book was published by Jonathan Cape in 1930 and revised editions were published later in 1940, 1951, 1960, 1963 and 1967.

There are two contradictory facts in the cinema industry that work sometimes to produce bad films.

While many actors and creative artists want to use the cinema for their imaginations and ideas, banks, companies, governments and holders of big capital want to use it for other purposes.

They want to guide and direct the motion picture industry to serve their economical, or political interests, whereby we see great films break off subjects and themes, or concentrate on political propagandas, or commercial purposes.

Simon Baker has played the main role on the TV series, The Mentalist, as Patrick Jane, beside Robin Tunney, Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman. Did you like him in that role?

What do you think about his role on the TV series, The Guardian? Did you watch him playing in other movies? What is the best? Could you watch these movies free on any satellite TV channels? Is Simon Baker a film director too?

As we consider the cinema as an effective media instrument to educate the public and create public opinion while entertaining them, some policies affect this medium by some political propagandas and some capital holders affect it by their commercial interests.

Even in some documentaries (documentary film), we see such orientation to mislead historical events sometimes, for example to expose the bad side of communism and neglect the historical facts, which made the Eastern Block great that time, before the collapse and the end of the Cold War.

So, these documentaries have been purposed to destroy the values of socialism.

Did you know of any other movie starred by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp? Did you like Johnny Depp in the double chapter role in this movie? Is this a type of an action adventure genre of movies?

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have also other great movies? What are the best of them? Can you watch these movies free on digital cable TV?

"Almost the whole potential of the cinema, as an instrument of public education has been neglected by the industry's shareholders in their pursuit of big returns on even little investment.

Little attempts, except in the field of documentary films, has as yet been made to use this powerful medium as a contribution to world thought. It has been characteristic of the industry always to aim to produce its films for the largest possible number of people and hence stand to gain the biggest revenue.

Seldom have the serious social responsibilities attached to such an undertaking been recognized by the executives of the industry". Paul Rotha, The Film Till Now, Preface, page 19.

** Why today's cinema is not as good as the cinema days of Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Audie Murphy, Charles Bronson, Burt Lancaster, John Wayne, Paul Newman, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood, Sophia Loren, Bridget Bardot and Marlin Monroe?

The MOVIE - Written by Khalid Osman.

The Movie In Pictures!

This movie is only for young people. What do you think? How many of such type of movies have you watched? What are the best of them? Why you think they are the best? Can you watch other movies free on any dish TV channels?

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Tell me about your favorite TV series, movies and shows

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From which movie was this picture taken? Are those people standing inside a ball? Is what you see real? Did you watch the movie through direct TV channels?

Many questions to answer, but the answers are simple, when you know something about the circle you see on the picture. You see through it the buildings curved, or taking the shape of the ball.

The man and the woman you see are standing beside the ball and others are standing under it. The ball is an art of architectural work of curved mirrors. It is known as Chicago Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate.

It is also called The Bean for its shape and it is constructed of stainless steel plates joined together and the surface reflects Chicago’s skyscrapers People could walk around and inside the Cloud Gate, whereby they see under it that the concave chamber warps and multiplies the reflection.

The Indian sculptor artist and architect Anish Kapoor built the Cloud Gate, which is one of the modern world first wonders. There are seven traditional world wonders you know about, of course. This is why I am saying there are new modern world wonders, such as this one, you see on the movie page.

It is interesting that the artist who build this new world wonder is from a place that is well know for one of the seven world wonders, which is the building of Taj Mahal, Emperor Shah Jahan ordered architects to build as a memorial for his wife Mumtaz Mahal in Agra, India. Read about the beautiful Chicago City at the link above and about India at Gujarat.

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Brittany Murphy has played in many other movies, as well as Ashton Kutcher. Her filmography includes more than 60 films on the silver screen and TV.

Ashton Kutcher has more than 30 movies in his filmography and he produced more than 17 movies. He also produced some movies.

If you haven’t watched any movie starred either by Brittany Murphy, or by Ashton Kutcher, you can watch as many of their movies free through a digital satellite TV. If you watched some of their movies, please tell us about your best movie. Thanks.

Nicolas Cage started acting on 1981 and he starred more than 100 movies. He played as a good guy and as a bad guy. He also starred some poetical movies, like this one.

Can you define each of these movies according to this criteria? What type of movie genres he starred? Is he a film producer too? Did you watch any of his movies? What is the best movie? Why it is the best? If you haven’t watched the best of his movies yet, you can watch them free, when you get direct TV satellite channels.

Mark Wahlberg has entered the silver screen from the streets and the modelling halls, as he has been a model and rapper. He started acting during the 1990s with few movies cut as Boogie Nights and Three Kings. Then his star started to glimmer moor starting from 2000.

Donald Sutherland started acting in movies before 50 years, such as The Dirty Dozen. For some reasons he didn’t complete his studies at London Academy of Muisc and Dramatic Art and then started to play secondary roles in British movies.

What type of movie is The Italian Job? Is it a horror film? Did you watch any movie starred by Donald Sutherland, or Mark Wahlberg? What are the best of their movies? Why are they the best? If you haven’t watched most of their movies yet, you can do that free by watching them through direct satellite TV channels.

Beside being an unordinary actor, Morgan Freeman is also a movie director and narrator, who knows how to work with the film form and narration. He won many awards for his roles in some movies.

Jack Nicholson is also a producer and screenwriter. How many academy awards (oscars) have they received? For what roles? Do you think the film narrative form in this movie is poetical?

How many movies starred by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson you haven’t watched yet? Why not watch these movies free by getting a dish satellite TV?

Patrick Dempsey has starred some good movies, in addition to TV series. One of the best of them is Grey’s Anatomy. He played in this series as neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd.

The story runs in Seattle Grace Hospital, where Derek Shepherd taught many practitioners to be good surgeons, among them was Meredith Grey, the woman whom he was married to.

They had an affair before he knew that she will be an intern in his hospital the next day and before she knew that he will be her resident. Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson was her first resident.

Did you watch him playing on any series, or movie? If yes, what is the best of his movies? Why you think it is the best? If not, then you can watch all of these movies and thousands of other movies through free satellite TV channels.

In addition to acting, George Clooney is a director, producer and screenwriter. He won some awards as an actor and producer. He started acting on television in 1978 and after receiving two awards for his role as Dr. Doug Ross on the serial medical drama ER. At the same time he started to get leading roles in movies. After that and since 2001, he attracted well-known commercial brands to perform TV advertising.

Did he play any type of an anime film genre? Did you watch any of his movies? If yes, what is the best? Why is it the best? If not, you can watch as many of his movies on internet TV channels.

This is one of the movies in a sequel of the same movie genre. It started with Meet the Parents and then this one and the third is Little Fockers. The characters of the three movies are the same characters, except that Dustin Huffman and Barbra Streisand didn’t play on Meet the Parents.

Barbra Streisand has splayed in many movies, including the leading role on A Star Is Born with Kris Kristofferson and Gary Busey, which is one of the most poetical touching movies.

Did you watch any of her musicals on internet live TV channels?

The movie is just beautiful and if you didn’t watch it, you could do that and watch thousands of movies through the satellite linked pages.

Johnny Depp is better on action, drama, melodrama and such types of movie genres. However, I didn’t like the type of pirates movies.

Do you like them? How many films starred by Johnny Depp have you watched? What is the best of them? Can you watch these movies on Amazon Best TV instant video? Is it a type of a Western Filmwestern film genre?

Could you give me and the readers of the film few minutes to tell us about your favorite movie genre?

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The critical debate is, could entertainment hold something valuable?

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