Musical Film!

The musical film genre holds the best cinema movies. It was at the top box ticket for many seasons, until things have changed by the explosion of thrillers, a great deal of which have no meaning at all.

The two genres compete. Interestingly, there is a great difference in the nature of the film theme between them. Simply, the first is real, factual and material (even when it is imagined) and so invaluable like gold, while the second is false, immaterial and unreliable.

Sometimes many film genres amalgamate in one film. But, the basic is to take the theme of the film form the narration. So, Cadillac Records is principally a musical film. However, we also pay attention to the extension of the genre into docudrama musical.

But, ah, once again although there is something western in this movie, we will not put it into the western film genre. Can you watch musicals on any Digital Cable TV channels? Use the form at the bottom of the page to answer the question, or to write your views on Cadillac Records.

The great difference is that musicals give meaning to life and thrillers destroy the values of real life. Fantasy should stop at a certain point at what gives meaning to life through fantasy. It is good for melodramas and other emotional types of movies like drama.

In addition, a musical film could be integrated within, or hold other film genres like drama, melodrama and documentary film genre, when it is docudrama (this is because there is another type of documentaries as pure documentary).

However, predetermined standards to decide the film genre aren’t always accurate. At least, this is how I look at it in my opinion. Certainly, it is because of that they don't narrow it down into focus to specify the genre more.

Hollywood Heights is a type of a musical film. But, the drama is extending through the scenes and the serial considered also as a soap opera and telenovela, as it is based on the Mexican drama To Reach A Star (Alcanzar una estrella).

So, should we consider it a musical or a drama, or a musical-drama, as some people tend to mix between genres?

Can you watch musicals free on any Cable Internet TV channels? You know where to go with this question to get some gifts of love.

This is because the four standards to define the film genre are nonsense without having to look at the film narrative form, which is the base to define the film genre.

So, I don’t understand why the use the following four methods to define a film genre:

  1. The idealist method stands on the predetermination.
  2. The a priori method depends on which generic elements are common.
  3. The social convention method define the film by accepting the cultural consensus in a society.
  4. The empirical method take a comparison measures to compare a film with other films which are already defined by genre.

The movie is described by some cinema critics as of a musical comedy drama genre. Is there any film genre like that?

Some lines within the film narrative form is somehow documentary, which refers to a type of a documentary film.

Now, everything is possibly exposed to more discussions. Can you watch such musicals on Digital Satellite TV channels? Use the form below.

Back to musical film, I again get to the film form and then to the narrative to determine the film genre and put it into the musical film genre, or an action film genre, or an animation film genre (which holds the anime film genre), or a horror film genre, or a western film genre.

The musical film has strong effects on the audience. Everyone loves music. There is an exception, though. But, that is not a standard. It is marginal. So, musicals continue to be of great values not only to the young, but also to the old, while thrillers remain nonsense.

But, when the audience map changes to put the thrillers at the top, we only look deep into the fact that the cinema has affected the habits and the tests of the audience after the great success of Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga.

This one is also described as comedy drama. The story is about the musical pop group approached by a very young boy aiming to be a journalist.

With that ambition he travelled with the group on their bus and on a plane to catch his moment as a good journalist, which is something he does.

Can you watch this movie and other musicals on Direct Satellite TV channels?

The Development of the Musical Film!

The musicals are always at the top of the best movies, since they attract the majority of the audience (the young), But, musicals are not best only in the cinema, as we can see through the TV Cinema App Blog. Getting excited?

They are real melodies since the day they started in the 1920s, when the recorded sound tracks improved and this film genre began to move forward from being only a series of musical recording to include the human voice and the dialogue later.

Then musicals become the favorite films when the moviemakers started to get their movie production into the TV, either through pure musical TV sequences, or musical TV shows.

The film form began to follow this direction too, when film directors and film editors started to pay attention to the attraction the first musicals achieved.

Elaine Miller (Frances McDormand) was too worried about her son William Miller (Patrick Raymond Fugit). She almost lost her daughter Anita Miller (Zooey Deschanel). Why you think she was worried?

Can you watch this movie and other musicals on Direct TV Channels?

The development of mixing vocal and musical scenes of singing and dancing with lyrics, or dialogue contained in the film narrative form, and adding some romantic, social or family events continued to improve this type of film from decade to decade.

That brings the musical film to its momentum until it reached its climax with the recent technical developments to recording systems, sound tracks and computer based effects of audio systems including dubbing.

The earliest musical movies established the musical film genre. The narrative on the first musical movies ran to tell the story of singers and dancers, or just normal persons engaged in musical, dance, or opera events.

The film is also said to be a type of a musical comedy-drama. If the comedy was more than the dramatic events, I would say it is of a comedy type. If the music was intended thoroughly to cover musical activities, I would say it is of a musical type. What do you think?

Can you watch this movie and other musicals on Direct TV Satellite channels?

One of the best movies, regardless to its genre is Sydney Pollack’s “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” which is a dram film produced in 1969 from a book by the same title about the Great Depression in the 1930s written by Horace McCoy. The film starred by Jane Fonds and Michael Sarrazin, participating in a marathon dance.

The first actors and actresses in the first musical cinema films were amateur who become stars afterwards. So, the musical film genre started to develop after the 1930s.

Then just after the technical innovation, musical movies were developed into new backstage and straight musical movies.

The first films were based on musical numbers. Some of them have not any narration and others have few narration. This might be interesting to the standard that we could say it is possible to produce a musical film without having any narration at all, or do some tricks to make the narration musical.

Who wrote the movie stream songs? How many songs are there in the movie? What are the songs about? What has happened between Beyonce and Cuba Gooding?

Can you watch this movie and other musicals on any Dish Network Satellite channels?

The backstage musical movies with narration are based on the singers and dancers in the fiction. This is when the narrative tells the story of the musical stars in the movie. For example, the live of Johnny Cash has been presented through some movies.

However, Walk the Line, directed by James Mangold and played by Joaquin Phoenix is totally neither a docudrama, nor a complete musical. It is somehow incomplete biographical drama with some musicals, but only for the early life of the country music singer Johnny Cash.

Another example is Crazy Heart written and directed by Scott Cooper from a novel by the same title published on 1987, inspired by the singer Hank Thompson and starred by Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal featuring country music.

Who wrote the story of this movie? What do you know about the film director? What do you think about the movie production? Was it good? How did the community look at Beyonce?

Can you watch this movie and other musicals on any Dish Satellite TV channels?

Pure musical films considered with such criteria are A Star Is Born, directed by Frank Pierson and starred by Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Saturday Night Fever directed by John Balham and starred by John Travolta is also pure musical.

The straight musical movies show the characters singing or dancing everyday. The development carries on to add music, dances, operas to comedy, drama and romantic films. So, many pure genres other than musicals are mixed.

This genre of musical film express fear, competition, educational values, health and esthetic values, hopes, joys, longings, love and other good, or bad feelings. Great musical films has produced to celebrate American musical idols, and these type of films present Hollywood musical to the audience.

Do you like her style, when she gets deep into singing? Did you watch any of her movies in French? What do you know about the film editor?

Can you watch musicals on any Dish TV Channels?

Somewhere else in Europe, the musicals presents worldwide musical icons and they are either about their talent, or real life stories expressed even in melodramas.

The musical film began afterwards to present romantic musical, musical melodrama and ballet dances, sometimes within romantic, or even criminal actions in the films.

However, many of these mixed films are in different genres according to the complete line of the subject, but not in the musical movie genre.

The hero and the heroine of the musical movie perform the romantic subject, when the musical film is about love and desperation and they perform the roles of top competitors, when the film is about musical competition.

How far does Beyonce get into her song? What of her songs are the best? I mean the songs that you think more inspirational and stand with good lyrics.

Can you watch musicals on any Free HD Satellite channels?

They also perform and do musical learning step by step assisted by other heroes in musical schools and the top musical roles of the atheistic competitions. However, when atheistic competition is involved the film may not be considered a musical film, sometimes.

The musical movies has often been associated with children's stories, since 1937, when Walt Disney innovated his cartoons. Nevertheless, the animated films have dominated cartoons later, associated with few musical numbers and the cartoons moved away from the convention of musical movie genre.

How well does she dance? Does she dance better than singing? What is your favorite of her movies? Why they are favorites?

Can you watch musicals on any Free Satellite TV channels?

Recently, the trends of the musical movie includes musical competition and musical school events, where young people perform on the schools, streets and theaters.  

The musical film are sometimes based on children's stories whether they are associated with cartoons as animated film genre, or not.

In addition to horror films, musicals seem to be of high interests and competitions between many companies to dominate this category of the movie. See Analyzing A Film.

How well does she sing? Does she sing better than dancing? What is your favorite of her songs? Why they are favorites?

Can you watch musicals on any Internet Live TV channels?

So, do you think the musical film has something exciting?

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