Satellite TV Channels!

The satellite TV channels flow to your TV through a satellite placed into orbit course on the curved path of the axis of gravitation around the earth.

The axis is the imaginary reference line which is fixed around the earth through which it rotates once every 24 hours. This is why enterprises curve the dish, or the parabola to gravitate the waves of signals from the satellite to flow through it to the receiver and then the receiver transmits them to the TV.

So, the satellite is a space station, or a space capsule, which is an artificial celestial body that works technically for this effect to take place. However, it effects in other different matters, such as the development of sciences and spaying, which effect our lives daily.

The use of satellites has exceeded nowadays every thing they are supposed to do. Some of them are placed on that spot for observing, tracking and predicting. Others are for optimizing performance of many scientific elements. Some are for computers and televisions.

Satellite TV Channels: Dish TV Units.Satellite TV Channels: Dish TV Units.

As there are earth, or map satellites, there are also PC satellite, security satellite, space satellite, television satellite, weather satellites and different other commercial satellites owned by big enterprises.

It is only the television satellite, which is our concern here, as a system to deliver television programs through the flow of signals from a specific communication satellite to the television. It is obvious that you could get many satellites to flow to your TV.

As, you read at Digital Cable TVDigital Satellite TV, Direct TV Channels and Dish TV Channels, it is important to complete reading the information on the Satellite TV Channels, so you get the complete ideas of Streaming Satellite TV to watch live Free HD Satellite TV channels.

You read about how to adjust your dish on one of the provided pages at Direct Satellite TV, Direct TV Satellite and Dish Network Satellite. Keep in mind that the normal position of the LNB is with F-contact pointing straight down.

You may need to optimize the polarization, if you still receiving noises with pictures after careful azimuth and adjustment of elevation. To do that, just loose the LNB fixing screw and rotate the LNB to improve reception of the channels.

There are thousands of Satellite TV Channels provided as Free Satellite TV channels. You'll only need some Dish Satellite TV apparatus and accessories to watch satellite television channels. Here is how to get and use your dish TV equipments.

* Notice that in the receiving mode of your Satellite Direct TV, you should connect the SCART cable to the first top socket on the STB.

Know Your Satellite TV Channels Receiver!

First, get to know the functional buttons of your satellite TV Channels receiver. This is important for the Satellite TV Dish to work better. So, you should take care at the Satellite TV Installation process.

It is TRIAX in this example, as I am using it to Watch Satellite TV. But, the elements may point to other receivers to. The maul that comes with receiver is a great reference, you should start with.

As you see on the picture of the front panel:

  1. Stand By is to switch between operation and standby mode.
  2. CH is to change channels up and down.
  3. VOL is to increase, or decrease, or to move left/right highlighted cursor.
  4. List/OK is to confirm your choice, or display the channel list.
  5. TV/Radio is to switch between TV programs and Radio stations.
  6. CAM Slots are 2 for common interface CAM including VIACCESS, IRDETO, NAGRAVISION, CRYPTOWORKS, CONAX, with smart card.

The rear panel on the receiver you use to get satellite TV channels include the following, as you see on the images below:

  1. LNB is to connect to a satellite antenna.
  2. Loop Through is to connect to the other satellite receiver.
  3. RS-232 is to connect to a PC for S/W upgrade.
  4. 0/12V is to connect 12V to an external 0/12V switch.
  5. Audio is to connect audio R/L to a TV or an audio Amp or system.
  6. Video is to connect video to your TV using RCA jack.
  7. TV Out is connect to your TV via a coaxial cable.
  8. ANT In is to connect to your TV ANT input.
  9. TV is to connect this port to that of your TV via a scart cable.
  10. VCR is to connect this port to that of a VCR via scart cable.
  11. Power is to put power on/off.

* Notice that rear connection ports in TRIAX and other devices differ by models. Search on the web for the strange terms you read above to know more about them.

How to Connect Apparatus to Get Satellite TV Channels?

It is very important to connect your equipments right to get the satellite TV channels to flow smoothly through the dish and the receiver to your TV.

  • When connecting the dish STB to your TV, connect one end of the SCART cable to the TV SCART socket on the STB and the other end to the SCART socket on the TV.
  • When connecting to the TV with the RCA/Cinch cable, you'll notice that there are 3 connectors. So, connect one end of the RCA/Cinch cable to the Audio-Right (red), Audio-Left (white) and the Video output (yellow) socket on the STB, Connect the other end (3 connectors) to the Audio-Right (red), Audio-Left (white) and the Video input (yellow) socket on the TV.
  • When connecting to the TV with the RF cable, connect one end of the RF cable to the TV Out socket on the STB and the other end to the RF In on the TV.
  • When connecting with Hi-Fi System, connect the RCA/Cinch stereo cable from the Audio L, R jacks on the back of the STB to the Line, Aux, Spare or Extra input on your Hi-Fi system.
  • When connecting to TV with Terrestrial antenna, connect one of the end of the RCA/Cinch cable to the RCA/Cinch jack on the back of the STB and the other end to the RCA/Cinch jack on your TV. In case your TV lacks a RCA/Cinch jack, connect one end of the RF cable to the TV Out on the back of the STB and the other end to the RF input on your TV.
  • Connect one end of the RF cable to the ANT IN on the back of the STB and the other end to the terrestrial antenna connection or the jack for public antenna on the wall.
  • Connect the coaxial cable from the LNB to the LNB IN jack on the STB.

Continue at Dish Satellite TV, when you finish reading satellite TV channels to get the full picture.

Get more insights about the installation and utilities of other digital and video products here.

In addition to the Satellite TV channels, you may also be interested in the other technical issues to use your TV and entertain the best way you could and learn more about TV movies, programs, serials and shows.

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