The Film Form!

The film form has two definitions, which are too different from each other. But, before we start, you should know how to read this page. First read the main (uncolored) content and then get back to the pictures and the frames as forms of this movie page.

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The first definition is the movie framing content and the window of this content. It is not in this definition the main movie content itself, or what the movie is about (the subject matter).

But, it is the shape of the tape (this could be so controversial) through which that movie runs presenting the main content through the scenes in sequence with each other, so the spectators see the events running without interruption, following each other, or flowing within the same sequence.

The sequence is just an order through which the framed and sequenced materials run. But, it is not only in the film form matter that sequences are used.

For example some programs should have it as the arrangement of the specific program content to follow the full operation of the program in a sequence. This specially happens in computer programming and software programming.

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In the film form, this implies that the movie is not just a collection of images running randomly, but the formal elements are poured in an artistic content form. Not confusing the first conception of content, but to differentiate the two kinds of content, see this page.

The main content in text is the subject of the page and the pictures on the main central column are part of this subject. The artistic content in the whole page is the website framing form.

It consists of the design and the layout of the page, which presents the look and feel of the page. It is part of the design form through which the content runs.

While these are forms you could see, but they have also unseen operations, some of which you can interact with and some of which you cannot.

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Moreover, as you know, any kind of arts has a form through which the viewers could see the content of that art in an artistic content form. Any literary work has also a form through which you read that work. So, does the cinema art.

This indicates that the form is the central issue of importance in any artwork. It is called atheistical form (artistic), in this case.

The film form is an internal system in the movie that manages to put the pieces of the scenes of the movie into unified formal shape. It has a relation with the viewer of that art, the spectator of the movie or the music concert, the listener of the music and the reader of the book.

It emphasizes to the recipient of that art that there is a pattern in that work through which he follows it and finds his interest.

But, the film form depends on other forms to make the whole form of the movie, such as the film narrative form that constitutes the story and connects the events with each other in sequences. It consists of related sets of elements in the film.

Now, this is the content, or the second definition of the film form. As content defined, it is a system setup of related elements run in convention to create film form for each element of the film and each technical lab-work during the movie production that included in the movie.

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As such, it is the overall system that manages the relations between these elements and through which we see them united present the entire movie.

This is because the movie is not a random batch of elements, but elements that run in sequence to end with the complete story of the film presented on images and narration and followed by music, or other effects.

As we consider narration as a film form, the movie effects, or music could be other films forms. So, the film form in this case is so connected with the film genre and the film style.

In such matters, the film form is well connected with the spectator, as well. The spectator perceives the relations betweens the elements and the importance of such relations to complete the sequences of the filmed story. It helps the spectator to fulfill his interest or pleasure, when he watches the movie.

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The Spectator and the Film Form!

So, there is a relation between the film form and the spectator in some ways, as it has some psychological effects on him. This psychological relation is very clear through the following lines.

The film form creates a motive for the spectator and engages him in some activities. This is because the whole system of the movie including its complete form runs together without interruption and creates expectation with the spectator and thus involves him or her in a particular way.

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It raises both his feelings and his mind and absorbs his tension to relief himself from some demands in his daily life, so he forgets for a while every thing except the movie he is watching. It releases him from stress and depression at the same time.

The spectator reacts and responses to emotions in the movie accordingly, or in different ways, emotionally. Emotions work as parts of the whole system of the movie. Every scene whether it is cheerful or mournful creates an emotion.

Every body interprets any line of narration, or any movement in the movie and receives it differently. According to your expectation when you watch the plot reaches a certain point, you may guess what will happen in the next shots, or even what the other movie character would do, or say.

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When there is effects in the film form that run with these emotional scenes, the spectator's feelings become more intensive. However, the emotions sometimes evaporate the tensions of the spectator. The emotional scenes with music and other effects included or not relate to one another in the film form.

The form of narration and the form of actions become motives here to bring some thoughts into your mind. You may even see yourself through this interpretation in relation between you, as a spectator and the character in the movie.

It happens any way, sometimes. However, you don't respond to acts in the movie, as you react towards them in the real life.

Nevertheless, sometimes the form of the film could disturb us and cut out the flow of our expectation.

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This happens mostly in some TV sequences that are cut off for different reasons, or made only for commercial purposes, or made of frames to do other presentations.

This is what we see sometimes on TV movies including animated films and in the TV sequences NCIS and the three versions of CSI including CSI Miami, CSI New York and CSI Vegas and the two versions of Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds, Suspect Behaviours.

Learn it also form season 8, Prior CSI Miami and the Series de TV.

Despite that, the uniqueness of the movie forms makes the complete perspective of the movie through which you see the pictures flowing even if you changed the viewing perspective to present the actions taken as they are.

Sometimes, the computer technologies used in films make the flow of the pictures especially in science-fictions to have different effects, when watched from different perspectives, which affects the eyes.

Take a distance from your TV, or sit at the backseats of the cinema to avoid affecting your eyes.

Well, I don't know how to define the film form more than this.

Could you?

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