Satellite TV Installation!

Here are the last steps of the Satellite TV Installation process you have carried on through 14 pages on the, all of which you have done through the Menu Operation.

If you haven't read those pages, yet, then you have to read them to continue with the last installation instructions of your satellite TV. Here are the pages:

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Then we continue together the last part of the Satellite TV Installation:

Satellite TV Installation: The Utility in the Main Menu Operation.Satellite TV Installation: The Utility in the Main Menu Operation.

The Utility:

This has nothing to do with the utilities of your dish network satellite receiver explained on one of the given pages. It is additional utility you may have in your system, when you complete the satellite TV installaton.

The utility function here depends on your dish network satellite model. The Common Interface STB supports additional functions, such as the Bio Rhythm, Calendar and Games, such as Othello Game and Snake Game.

The Bio Rhythm:

Select the LEFT / RIGHT and the UP / DOWN buttons to adjust your birthday date. Use this to see your current Bio Rhythm status. To see it, press OK. The Bio Rhythm screen will appear to show your monthly Bio Rhythm. The white column in the screen shows the position of today.

The graph of biorhythm in the installed satellite TV has three colors to indicate the rhythm as the following:

Yellow: Physical

Green: Intelligence

Red: Emotion.

The Calendar:

The calendar shows the Next Year, Previous Year, Next Month and Previous Month. It is just another digitalized function in your system and it works as in other devices you use such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

The Common Interface:

The receiver might have two PCM CIA slots to facilitate the use of two CI CAMs such as Viaccess, or Irdeto, etc... Whenever a Common Interface CAM is inserted inside the PCM CIA slots, the system will automatically detect the type of the CAM and display it in the main menu.

When you choose the Menu, you will see and be able to access the submenu Viaccess, which is composed of Authorization, Prebooking, Authorizations and About OCAM, which are the components of the package details.

Using the Common Interface Port to Insert CAM and Smartcard:

High quality satellite dish receivers come with enhanced common interface CAMs with the DVB specification. The enhanced CI CAMs are built-in Smartcard reader.

Depending on your model, press the cover backward with your thumb to open the cover at the right side of the satellite receiver box, where you read the trade mark of the receiver, Common Interface and DVB.

  • Insert the Smartcard into the CAM box gently with the golden colored chip upward.
  • Slide in the CAM gently inside the slot for it to site in the socket tightly and close the cover.
  • Use the Common Interface to access it.

Satellite TV Installation Including Gaming Zone!

The satellite gaming zones depend on the model of the satellite receiver. If your satellite receiver has it, you will see two games, Othello Game and Snake Game. I don't know of other satellite games. Do you? If so, please write about satellite games in the form below.

See the two games on the images on this section.

Software Update!

Although you use hardware, you can view this port after completing the satellite TV installation in the last section of the Menu Operation.

This function for the software update via air is included in the optional software menu I never needed it. When you get to a specific channel with Over the Air (OTA) stream, the STB will automatically detect it and the system will ask you to upgrade S/W.

The STB will start downloading and upgrading the S/W, when you select OK. You may select EXIT to upgrade later at the same channel, the system upgrade prompt will start after a specific period. When you select EXIT to exit the menu, you will need to reboot to select OK for prompt upgrade.

Keep in mind that during any download, you should not turn the receiver off, or use the remote control, or disconnect the antenna.

Satellite TV Installation Problems and Solutions!

Problems may happen after, or while installing your satellite TV. So, what to do?

What to do, if you didn't see any displaying message?

  • Make sure that the main power cord is plugged into the suitable power outlet.
  • Check to see wether the STB is in Standby position, or not.

What to do if you didn't see any picture?

  • Check the STB to ensure that it is ON.
  • Make sure that the video and the RF OUT ports are connected firmly to the TV, or VCR.
  • Ensure that you have selected the right channel, or the Video Input on your TV.
  • Check the brightness level of the dish.

What to do, if the quality of the picture is bad?

  • Do the steps you read above.
  • Check the signal level to see whether it is low, or not.
  • Adjust the alignment of your dish, although you have done this during the satellite TV installation.

What to do, if the sound is mute?

  • Again do the steps above.
  • Check the volume level of the STB and the TV.
  • View the Mute status of the STB and the TV.

What to do, if the Remote Control is not working?

  • Point the Remote Control directly towards the STB.
  • Ensure that there is a signal shift on the Red and Green power points on the TV.
  • Replace the remote control batteries by new batteries.

What to do, if you read on-screen error message indicating that there is no signal, or bad signal?

  • Check the LNB to see whether it is working, or not and then adjust it, or replace it.
  • Check the LNB cable.
  • Check the position of the dish to position it on the right alignment.
  • In case that you are using the DiSEqC 1.0 switch, make sure that you have connected the LNBs to the correct connections on the switch.
  • Check the Signal Strength and the Signal Quality in the Channel List, or the Channel Search Menu.

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