Prior CSI Miami!

There is nothing called Prior CSI Miami. But, it is only my observation, as I see it in the enchanting TV criminal drama serial.

Calleigh Duquesne came for the first time to work in the police department before the establishment of the new lab. She was well observant and her views and methods while investigating the first crime were impressive to Horatio Caine.

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It is one of the most perfecto done serials (regardless to some weak hints), as I see it, mainly because the professionalism of investigating the crime scene is open to spectators to test their cleverness. It thus creates an atmosphere of caution and creates some self-prevention methods to maintain self-security.

Prior CSI Miami appears as a key element in the crime scene investigations, CSI Miami series, from which I got the term. From its flashes some other episodes are extended and produced.

Eric Delko has a good brain with a talent to analyze things. That engaged him to help Horatio Caine by providing some explanations to the circumstances of the crime.

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With this movie production, however, creativity could have been better to take the flashback over, write some scenarios for it and produce it in quality episodes taking the emotional tracks of it to extend as flashbacks in other episodes.

This is an indication that the flashbacks could be used to generate more episodes and enlarge the TV series, many people around the world find interesting. There are many flashbacks in the serial and what is indicated here could be applied to most of them to enlarge the TV serial.

The first long flashback I cover on prior CSI Miami covers the first crime committed prior to the establishment of the CSI Lab in Miami.

What do you think of the work Eric Delko has done prior CSI Miami? How did he help Horatio Caine to solve the problem? Was he a detective that time?

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Prior CSI Miami in Flashback!

Through the serials, prior CSI Miami is simply presented in one episode later in the TV serial, exactly in the 8th season episode 8.1 "Out of Time" to cover the last crime happened during the time of the old police department, which appears in the de-facto flashback on the mentioned episode.

In the serial, it appears as the first, which has been the motive for Horatio Caine to think of establishing the new lab, taking with him young people with passion and most of all good observing eyes and the ability to think out of the box of the traditional investigation habits.

Why did Eric Delko think that the crime weapon could be there? Did they find any fingerprint on the weapon? Was that crime a type of crime of passion?

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In my observation, this means that the crime was the last crime in the old police department. The lab was launched later. So, all the new stories in the serials have happened after the launch of this lab. This means all of the serial, except this flashback.

The flashback was produced with many frames, when Eric Delko (portrayed by Adam Rodriguez was shot by Calleigh Duquesne (portrayed by Emily Procter) during his attempt to get his dad out of the mafia on his car left the car to escape on foot and found out of conscience and taken to hospital.

He played (Michael Bourne) on Sunset Beach and (Dr. Ben Warren) on Grey's Anatomy, where he was married to Dr. (Miranda Bailey), performed by Chandra Wilson.

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The framed flashback extended to cover the first crime Eric Delko reported before he started as a detective and even shared his opinions about it with Horatio Caine (portrayed by David Stephen Caruso) and helped him recover the crime weapon.

In the scenes of the crime, Steve Bowers (portrayed by Jason George) was accused of killing his wife. The victim's husband was in a divorce situation.

Steve Bowers played a secondary role here on CSI Miami, which is not comparable with his other roles as Michael Bourne on Sunset Beach and Dr. Ben Warren on Grey's Anatomy, where he was married to Miranda Bailey (portrayed by Chandra Wilson.

Brad Leland has also played in many movies, such as Dallas, The Ringer and The Return. Did you watch any of them? If not, can you watch them free on any Direct TV Satellite channels?

What is the controversial issue between him and Horatio Caine? How did such different ways of investigations encourage Horatio Caine to establish the new lab in Miami? In which episode did Brad Leland appear again? Did he help Horatio Caine to solve the crime on that episode?

In this flashback, Horatio Caine, as an open minded detective found himself in a crossroad position with John Sully Sullivan and most of the staff in Miami Dade Police Department.

Fortunately he discovered his instinct when he met Calleigh Duquesne on her first day at the department and was impressed by her analyses to the crime, as he was inspired by Erick Delko's account on the crime.

All of that led to identifying the criminal, Arnold Hollings and though he was exposed when a drop of blood found in his nose to prove that Horatio Canine's instinct was good enough because he follow the evidences and the motive of the crime.

Where did Natalia Boa Vista work first? What was her job? When did she join the new lab? What mistakes she did first? How did she develop her profession? How did she impress Horatio Caine?

Eva LaRue has also played other movies, such as The Barbarians, Dangerous Curves, Crash and Burn and Lakeview Terrace. What is your favourite? Why is it favorite? Can you watch them free on Dish Network Satellite channels?

I am not intending to circumscribe the features of the serial at all, but rather infiltrate it through the specific features of artistic forms in the scenes of the episodes to present the serial's aesthetic forms.

This is because in some parts of the serial I am arrested by the modesty and the aesthetic of sophisticated emotional moments, especially, when Horatio Caine and Marisol (Eric's sister portrayed by Alana De La Garza) got married, while she was fighting cancer.

Her brother Eric tried to help here by getting her some drugs, from a drug dealer. He never used drugs and when accused and suspended, Horatio and his colleagues fought for him to prove that he is innocent.

Marisol was shot in season 4, while her brother and the team were trying to hunt drug dealers. At the confluence of the scenes, Eric was shot again.

Jesse Cardoza didn’t join the team of the new lab when Horatio Caine told him to do so. Why he doesn't join from the start? What are the problems that prevented him to do so? Did he solve these problems? Did the problems appear in other episodes? In what forms?

Eddie Cibrian has also played on some movies, such as Living Out Loud, The Cave, Good Deeds and The Best Man Holiday. What are the best of them? Why they are the best? Can you watch them free on any Dish Satellite TV channels?

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How intelligent was Calleigh Duquesne? Did she played through all of the episodes of the TV serial including prior CSI Miami? Was she married? Who is the first person she engaged with and in which episodes? Why did she left him?

Emily Procter has played other roles in some other movies, such as Renegade, Leaving Las Vegas, Friends, Guinevere and White Collar. Did you watch any of the them? What are the best of them? Why are they the best? Can you watch them free on any Dish TV Channels?

I will complete the main article on other pages (to keep it short and sweet) providing more insights on prior CSI Miami and publishing some pictures from the flashbacks. So, continue prior CSI Miami at CSI and Series de TV, when you go through the informative images below.

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Gallery: Prior CSI Miami!

Natalia Boa Vista was a divorce. Who is her ex-husband? In which episode did he appear? Why he was imprisoned? In which episode did Boa Vista engage with Eric Delko? Why did her ex-husband fight with Eric Delko?

Did you watch any movie played by her ex-husband? What do you think of his roles on these movies? Can you watch them on any Free HD Satellite channels?

When did Calleigh Duquesne meet Eric Delko? In which episode? What was their conversion on prior CSI Miami about? What impression has she left on him? Who was the second person in her life? Was he a CSI? How did the relation progress? Why did he left her?

Did you watch any movie played by him? What do you think of his roles on these movies? Can you watch them on any Free Satellite TV channels?

Why did Fred Dorsey oppose Calleigh Duquesne on her first remarks about the first crime prior CSI Miami? What do you think of such reaction to her remarks? What did he say to her? How did Calleigh Duquesne explain her views?

Harold Sylvester has played on other movies, such as Fast Break, Inside Moves, Vision Quest and Hit List. Did you watch any movie played by him? What do you think of his roles on these movies? Can you watch them on any Internet Live TV channels?

Frank Tripp accompanied Horatio Caine prior CSI Miami. He is a nice guy and good police officer. In which episode did he really make a remarkable achievement? In which episode did Erick Delko work nicely to clear him from corruption?

Rex Maynard Linn has played on other movies, such as Cliffhanger, Independence Day, Rush Hour, Instinct, The Hunted, and The Lottery. In which movie did he play the role of a corrupt cop? Did you watch any of his movies? What do you think of his roles on these movies? Can you watch them on any Internet TV Channels?

Eric Delko was amazing prior CSI Miami, although he was not a detective that time, but only a truck driver. In which company did he work? In which episode did he join the new lab? Why he did that? Who encouraged him to do that?

Adam Rodriguez has also played on other movies, such as The Night Shift, Reckless, Magic Mike, Sesame Street, Ugly Betty and Law & Order. Did you watch any of those movies? What do you think of his roles on these movies? Can you watch them on any Satellite Direct TV channels?

Does Adam Rodriquez have other jobs beside being an actor? Did you know of any movie directed by him? What type of Film Genre he directed? Is he good at this job as a Film Director? Is Adam Rodriquez screenwriter? Is he a Film Editor?

What is the name of the third person in Calleigh Duquesne’s life? In which episode did she get him? Was he an agent? Where did he work? Why did she end her relation with him? When did she engage with Erick Delko? In which episode?

There are two effective elements in crime processing. What are they? John Sully Sullivan had a point on the first crime that might have sent an innocent into jail. Was that a controversial point for Horatio Caine to think of establishing the new lab and choose his team?

Brad Leland has played on other movies, such as Dallas, In the Heat of the Night, Friday Night Lights, and Hancock. Which of them are the best? Can you watch them on any Satellite TV Channels?

Fred Dorsey doesn’t like someone new to come and tell him how to do his job. When did that happen? What was the issue? Does it indicate something personal? Why did Horatio Caine take side with Calleigh Duquesne?

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The medical examiner Khandi Alexander was a good person. She was hurt and became worried about her son? What did her son do? In which episode? Was he a criminal? How did she help him to come clean?

Her life was endangered once and she tried hard to protect a child. In which episode did that happen? What was the story? How did the criminal deceive the investigators?

Alexx Woods has also played on other movies, such as Streetwalkin’, Maid to Order, Poetic Justice, Terminal and The Assault. What are her best? Why you think are the best?

Why did Calleigh Duquesne weep? Was she feeling guilty about something? What was happened? In which episode did that happen? Why did Khandi Alexander hug her? How did Calleigh Duquesne recover from that pain?

In addition to being an actress, what other jobs does she perform? When did she start as an actress?

Thinking stems from the stream of knowledge somebody has? It is the lifeblood for the intelligentsia. What makes the way Eric Delko thinks so special to determine a possibility for him to be a good crime scene investigator?

Erick Delko proved to have good knowledge about mechanics in prior CSI Miami episode. What exactly Erick Delko did while he was a truck driver? Was he a mechanic? What mark of trucks did he drive? What was that truck for? Has it anything to do with mechanics?

Why did Horatio Caine determine to take Eric Delko with his team for the new lab? How did Eric Delko inspire him? Why did he advise him to get his badge? Is there any scenes in the TV serial prior CSI Miami in which Eric was featured taking his badge?

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