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Series de TV: Gift of eyeglasses from Adam Rodriguez (Erick Delko) to David Stephen Caruso (Horatio Caine).

Series de TV: Gift of eyeglasses from Adam Rodriguez (Erick Delko) to David Stephen Caruso (Horatio Caine).

The series de TV, or the series de television expand for CSI Miami, Prior CSI Miami and CSI to cover some parts of the famous TV series. Here is the rest of the long article to enjoy.

So, Horatio got his team including Calleigh Duquesne, Tim Speedle (portrayed by Rory Cochrane), Sgt. Frank Tripp (portrayed by Rex Maynard Linn) who had been with him in the old police department and Khandi Alexander.

Tim Speedle became close friends to Eric Delko until he was killed while hunting a criminal, because one in the lab has played with his gun and the trigger didn't push to release the bullets during the shooting, a story that has been taken further into investigation. Some of the episodes of the Series de TV are good, but again there is something in the story lines I may come to it later on other pages.

With those three guys, Horatio thought of starting the CSI Miami lab, when he was promoted to lead a team of detectives, so he made his notes to establish the CSI Miami new Lab. Eric Delko was in his mind.

So, when Eric heard about that he came up to him with eyeglasses as a gift and asked him to put them on. Horatio told him that he has good eyes and that is what it takes to be a good detective and asked him to go get his detective badge and find him. That meant a lot to Eric, so he followed the advice, got the training and acquired his badge.

series de TV: Horatio Caine and one of his colleagues at a shifting point between old and new investigation methods.

Jesse has not joined from the start of the new lab in the Series de TV, when Horatio Caine wanted to add him to his list because of some personal reasons he had. So, when he left the department to take his new job as the leader of the crime scene investigation lab, Horatio told Jesse Cardoza to come in and join him whenever he wants.

At that moment, Jesse told Horatio about a good detective he knows called Tim Speedle and recommended him saying that he is a nice guy and intelligent detective. Jesse joined the new lab later on in the 8th season, episode 2, which could be more better, if the filmmakers have spent time on it to work the story out good and fix the weak hints of the plot.

There is a story here on the following episode in which Jesse has done his role in the Series de TV. The story is out of the main stories of the CSI Miami series, but parts of it appear in flashbacks in many episodes, as they were playing in the background of Jesse's sub-conscience during some investigations in some episodes.

So, the main line of this story was setup while editing the scenes in the episodes to tell another story that concerns Jesse's personal and professional life as a detective. That story was not part of this TV serial, as it has nothing to do with CSI, although it is criminal.

Adam Rodriguez (Erick Delko) impressed the first he saw Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) on her first day with Miami Dade Police. However, he was too late to become her boyfriend.

It was taken however, to develop and involve Horatio Caine and Erick Delko, so they followed it to save Jesse from the injustice he faced while working in LA.

The constellation of events, especially in episode 1 season 8 and the correspondent scenes that flew into the same events, in which Eric has been involved and subjected, as a criminal have also some weak points, which could have been done more better.

The dialogue between the characters sometimes fall apart from what expected, or supposed to be, as we know the intelligence levels of detectives, for example, we can't believe that he and other colleagues in many episodes made mistakes, or became stupid.

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