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The TV Cinema App is your rendezvous with real TV cinema, not commercial TV. You will get real TV channels, through some tech oriented pages.

The cinema analyses and critiques in some other pages, such as Analyzing A Film and The Movie highlight the way to watch good movies along with good TV programs, series and shows.

In brief the entire TV Cinema App makes your way to entertainment easier and saves you time by getting direct TV channels through the satellite TV installation.

During the installation of free satellite TV, you will also install free HD Satellite channels and enjoy your time while you watch satellite TV channels across all of the rooms in your house.

This is not actually a thriller film. It is a type of a psycho dramatic movie, through which I see on the TV Cinema Application that it belongs to a different genre and therefore it should be classified in a new movie genre.

Why You Need the TVCinemaApp?

The following story about my dad's experiences with silly commercial TV could be your motive to ignore many TV channels providers in your area and get the dish TV channels you want FREE, despite that.

All you will need is the equipments, you pay for once and then the well-explained instructions to install direct satellite TV and configure the digital satellite TV.

All of this gets you through streaming satellite TV to real and also FREE entertainment, whether you get it through the satellite direct TV, or the internet satellite TV channels box.

My dad has built this website first as I Watch Best TV for me and he was encouraged by massive TV advertising through all of the channels he paid for once.

He contacted the cable TV channels provider to explain that it is UNFAIR and wrong to pay for TV channels and then what you get is just commercial TV.

The TV advertising appears aggressively in most of the channels in the channel pack he has purchased. He advised the provider to change this marketing policy, or they will find themselves in the cable company boycotted sooner, or later. One of the employees told him (not in a nice manner) that he pays them nothing.

He was surprised concerning such method of customer services. Then he apologized and said, I certainly pay you every month for garbage of channels. I paid for the television as equipment and I am paying for taxes and license to use the television every couple of months.

So, I should be concerned about the channels I am paying for. He added, in fact you should pay me for using and watching your channels, because you are making big money from such TV advertising.

He contacted the real estate company he rents the house from and requested them to block the access to the already installed digital cable TV in his house. They refused. He told them that he will not pay for the TV cable. They said that is part of the contracts.

A Quote by Journalist Khalid Osman about the New Waves of the Cinema Movies.

TV Cinema App: How Personal Experiences Develop?

After that he worked hard to teach himself how to install satellite TV channels. He purchased a direct TV satellite dish and receiver and install thousands of dish satellite TV channels at his home. He never watch the channels provided by the cable company.

Then he built the TV Cinema App to help other people install dish network satellite channels and enjoy watching thousands of of channels through the satellite TV dish and receiver without having to pay for those channels. He thought such home entertainment should be free, or cheaper and it should only provide real TV.

When he built the website he named it I watch Best TV. Then after a couple of months he learned some more tech concerning app programing.

So, he changed the name of the website to the TV Cinema App, although he has forwarded the website to me to continue with it. I am still studying in the university. So, my dad writes sometimes some articles about his TV experiences.

I wrote some pages. But, I really have not much time at this moment, as I am preparing for my master degree. However, I devote a little time to write some more pages until I graduate and after that, hopefully the website will grow faster and the efforts of my dad on the iTVCinemaApp would be doubled.

More significant, he could continue studying all that he needs concerning Apple new programing language, Swift associated with the Cocoa Touch to produce apps in different genres of arts and literature and different interests.

Read more about me at About Us and if you thought that there is something to consider taking into focus on the TV Cinema App, use any form to contact us to bring it to my attention.

In addition, the TV Cinema Application has many pages about the development of movies. It gets to the film formulas such as the film form including the film narrative form and the film genre including action adventure film, animated film and musical film to explain the tech part of such operation during the movie production.

And then it goes further to highlight some movies especially in the genre of horror film, as this is extremely taking the cinema down after the success of The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. Read the quote above.

The thriller film genre has been exposed for commercial purposes following the success of the mentioned series of movies, although they lack the inspirations of the top featured movies, in this regard, as the mentioned movies above.

The direct impacts of such new produced movies in this genre, as I could see it through the TV Cinema App are that they change even children’s demands shifting the way they think about ghosts, other spirits and even insects and animals.

Such new horror movies affect (rework mentally in a different way) and affect marginalizing the serious attention of the child regarding the way it behaves with new technologies. All of this makes the direct deterioration in the child’s mentality, forget about the impacts of the violence in such movies.

The specialists of the child’s mental development should be concerned about such issue to put the cinema at the verge of such development to horror movies.

The filmmakers including the film directors and the film editors even use all kind of assimilation to assimilate irons and creatures to machines and produce magnificent creatures, seemingly considering this as development, or innovation. Such kind of assimilation is innovation in the wrong place.

All of these are just few aspects of the concerns I have on the TV Cinema Application, through which I provide best TV cinematography, including TV on iBooks, iBooks Media and internet live TV.

However, you should take care while watching internet TV channels. More good than this is the cable internet TV.

The practices on the two iBooks links help you learn more about producing TV on iBooks. There is a PDF version of the book I published at the iTunes store titled the Rising of the Phoenix Picture Book, which is produced from literary and design works of my dad is ready for you to download from the Rising of the Phoenix PDF.

With your sincere involvement in the TV Cinema App activism, I will certainly reach with you the point to correct wrong things happening right now.

The TV Cinema App Covers the Following!

There is no limit to what I will cover in the TV Cinema Application, as whenever there’s development in any field, there should be researches and studies on it. Until now (and this will also develop into more pages) there are some good points (I assume) at the following pages:

Action TV Shows| Amazon Best TV| Anime Film| Bollywood Movies| CSI| CSI Miami| Documentary Film| I Watch Best TV Photo Gallery| I Watch Best TV Quiz| Prior CSI Miami| Series de TV| Western Film|

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