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Financially at the film production process, the producer seeks cinema production companies and distributors to persuade them to finance the movie.

It happens in other ways that the producer works in a distribution company, or a studio to create ideas for a movie production.

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TVCinemaApp - Film Production: Brad Silberling's City of Angels, Andre Braugher as angel Cassiel laughing.TVCinemaApp - Film Production: Brad Silberling's City of Angels, Andre Braugher as angel Cassiel laughing.

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Then the producer of the film arranges the movie project starting by processing the script, getting the financial fund and hiring the movie personnel to work on the movie.

The producer also works during the shooting and assembly as liaison between the writer or the film director and the financing company.

After the production of the movie, the producer works to arrange for the distribution, promotion, marketing of the movie and monitoring the profitability of the movie (comparable with the investment in the film production).

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However, the job of the film producer is subdivided between the executive producer and the line producer.

The executive producer arranges the fund for the movie production project and sometimes obtains the literary property.

The associate producer works as liaison with the laboratories and technical personnel and assigns the line producer.

Once the first tasks has been achieved, the line producer takes care of the activities of the director, cast and crew.

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The screen writer prepares the movie script, or the screen play. It happens sometimes that the writer sends the screenplay to an agent and the agents submits it to a production company.

Sometimes, the writer meets the film producer to discuss a proposal of some scripts providing the main ideas.

It happens also that the producer may also have some ideas for a movie. In this case, the producer hires a screenwriter to develop his ideas, especially when the producer gets the rights to a play, or a novel, so the ideas could be done in the film production.

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The screenplay would get through some stages in the film production. It enters into treatment, then synopsis of actions, and then full-length script, the final script and the shooting script.

The shooting scripts may change, however, as some directors allow the actors to modify the dialogue, or the locations when some problems happen, or in case they wanted to change some scenes during the production of the film.

The film producer plans the finance of the movie, while the screenplay undergoes the process of writing it and preparing it for the film production. The producer seeks ways while he works with the director, actresses and actors to make the production of the film appealing and good for investment.

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More Insights on Film Production!

In the investment process, the film producer prepares the budget for the movie production, including the costs of the literary property, screenwriter, director and major casts. These are called the above the line costs.

Then her projects the expenses of the crew, secondary casts, the costs of the shooting and assembly stages, the publicity and the insurance. These are known as the below the line costs.

Regarding the two kinds of costs here, the total costs of producing the movie master negative is the negative cost, which is the sum of the money of above and below the lines costs. This should be very clear and well planned in the budget script.

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The daily schedule for the shooting of the film is necessary and the film producer should write it at once before starting the film production and after all the fund needed for the job and the other phases of preparation are completed.

In the daily shooting schedule, the producer should specify the days for separate shots of the movie and the shots for all the scenes that take place in one location at a time and then make each set of shooting in a proper order in the editing room.

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In this case later shots of a movie could be made first at the main location, or other locations, if there were many shots in each of them.

For example if there were two locations with more shots in the movie, the producer would arrange for these shots to take place at the locations before any other shots in the movie. This is an important part of the film production process.

In addition to this, the producer arranges for shots around the actresses and actors who cannot be at set every day and also prepares for difficult shots earlier to avoid getting the crew and actors tired.

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